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Episode IX : The Rise Of Skywalker - film & fan art, + covers etc — Page 2


^And the prequel and original trilogy titles kind of mirror thematically.
The Phantom Menace - A New Hope (Subject: One bad One good)
(Attack) of the Clones - The Empire (Strikes) Back (An Action)
Revenge of the Sith - Return of the Jedi (Another action, one bad; one good)

The Force Awakens (An action)
The Last Jedi (Subject)
The Rise of Skywalker (An Action)

So the formula flips.

Again this is nitpicking, but if we’re to buy that they’re like poetry and they rhyme…it only makes sense when comparing the prequels to the originals.

"The other versions will disappear. Even the 35 million tapes of Star Wars out there won’t last more than 30 or 40 years. A hundred years from now, the only version of the movie that anyone will remember will be the DVD version [of the Special Edition], and you’ll be able to project it on a 20’ by 40’ screen with perfect quality. I think it’s the director’s prerogative, not the studio’s to go back and reinvent a movie." - George Lucas

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‘Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker poster by AUGEN²’:- Moderator

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