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A thread for reporting any spam seen on the site...


Occasionally the moderation staff may miss or overlook some of the considerable amount of spam that appears on here.

To help us, the site and also the community as a whole, we ask you to please let us know if you do see any spam about the site, in this thread…

A quick reminder that using the ‘Report’ button sees information only go through to Jay - and NOT to the moderators. If you’d like to contact the moderators about anything on here, simply send us a PM 😃

The ‘How do I do this?’ on the has more information on this and other helpful and useful topics too.


As per the Forum Rules and Guidelines - Do NOT reply to, or engage with the spammer or spambot - and do NOT click on any link they post.


And a big thank you, in advance, for any reports of spam made in here - it is very much appreciated 👍 Moderator

I find that answer vague and unconvincing.
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