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UEFA / Premier League / Football thread <em>(aka Possessed sees UFOs/Motherships)</em>

Disappointing result that… and the game was somewhat disjointed and peppered with mistakes, yet still a decent watch and chances at both ends…

Highlights here -


In the Europa League Semi-Finals, on Thursday night…

Arsenal vs Atletico Madrid
Marseilles vs RB Salzburg

Alternative Star Wars Movie Titles - Keep Checking the First Post!

Zachary VIII said:

“A New Order” maybe? It hearkens back to “A New Hope”.

‘A New Order’ does have some negative ‘new world order’ or somewhat stern sounding connotations? (that could be just me?)

And I hear that title… and want to get the vinyl out and play Blue Monday, True Faith or Ceremony etc - I’d wear out the records in no time 😉


The Last Jedi Fanedit.

Same here - for me the Yoda scene is great (though the ghost effect is seemingly a little ‘off’ in a couple of shots), and no issues with the lightning scene - I thought it was cool and somewhat unexpected, and having the little green guy back in it the films was really well done overall.

This is your Edit though mate - ‘you must do what you feel is right, of course’… 😉

Turkish Star Wars

‘The Legendary Cult Movie Known as ‘Turkish Star Wars’ Now Has a Smashing New HD Scan’…



UEFA / Premier League / Football thread <em>(aka Possessed sees UFOs/Motherships)</em>

Aye, a quality match and cracking atmosphere - as ever Liverpool have to make it harder for ourselves - yet what a display 😄

Fair play to Roma for hanging on in and getting a couple of goals back - makes it interesting for the 2nd leg considering what Roma did to Barcelona in the previous round…

Highlights here -

a ‘behind the scenes’ / background type video from BT Sport -

Hope Bayern Munich do well vs Real Madrid in the other semi-final Wednesday night 😃

An <strong>Index Thread</strong> for <em>Off Topic...</em>

The thread was stored in different section of the site whilst it was being worked on - and then beamed in here earlier today.

Re Frink - it does seem he may be in need (or perhaps already has?) an Index thread for his own Frink-related threads…?

Jedit: there may have been a transporter accident earlier between a couple of threads - though all is well now…


If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Piss off photobucket - pile of shit.

Not only stopping the 3rd party image sharing some months back - which had a big effect on older posts on here (especially art, poster and dvd cover content etc) - but also for this… - as an example

Just how bloody big do they want their shite advert that seemingly now appears on every previous photobucket linked pic?

It was previously around a 9th of the size it is now - which takes up the full screen.

The Worst Scene/Sequence in Any Star Wars Film

darthrush said:

moviefreakedmind said:

TV’s Frink said:

moviefreakedmind said:

No. Both are bland and pointless and devoid of any heart and soul. They’re full of completely uncompelling characters and exist purely to cash in on names and imagery associated with a much better film (Star Wars).

Yeah I don’t see a single thing you said I agreed with, but I’m sure there’s no reason to continue.

I just don’t appreciate being called a delusional troll in my own thread.

And of course oojason is nowhere to be seen.


Most Baffling Complaint of a Star Wars Movie

trimboNZ said:

DominicCobb said:

Mocata said:

That Darth is a title, not a name. I mean, why the hell not? First of all, it’s a solid portmanteau (“Dark Lord of the Sith”). Second of all, maybe this is just me, but I think Darth is kind of a funny name, but works fine as a title. Also, despite what people say, there is nothing in the OT that would suggest this shouldn’t be the case.

Disagree. At least in terms of how Obi-wan refers to him which suggests he was called Darth before he turned to evil and that was his first name.


Are we still allowed to cite The Secret History of Star Wars on this forum, or is that a banning offence now?


The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

screams in the void said:

I decided I had more to say on the Last Jedi and it took me a long time to gather my thoughts on it ,so I wrote an article on it …

Really enjoyed reading that - nice one 😃

Seems a fair bit of credit should be going to those others who have contributed to Star Wars before…

a Snoopy / Peanuts / Charlie Brown appreciation thread - especially the 2015 film

As a Brit I never really got the whole Charlie Brown thing - sure, it was on UK kids tv a LOT growing up in the 70’s & 80’s… yet it was his cool beagle dog with attitude, and his occasional sidekick Woodstock, that hooked me into the program - and also likely into watching other cartoons too 😃

Don’t get me wrong, Charlie and his friends were still sound and somewhat funny (though that Lucy was a little mean with her ball antics - I think this may have given my sister some ideas when we used to sit down and watch it together on how to taunt her brothers). I also had a soft spot for Linus with his blanket… yet it was that dog with the playful, yet stern, demeanour - and neat flying skills & goggles - which stole the show for me.

Anyway… many, many years pass… and I recently got roped (tricked) into babysitting my sister’s young kids for the day - an event I was not looking forward to as it was the whole day. I’m only used to giving the bundles of loud endless energy back back to their parents after a 3/4 hours babysitting previously (all sugared up - as favourite Uncle Jason has bribed with them with sweets & biscuits), and pretty much let them run riot - safe in the knowledge their parents can deal with the aftermath…

Unfortunately, this time it was going to be a whole day (well, 8-9 hours)… and quite different and challenging for someone like me who has only changed a nappy once before - and enjoys tranquil peace and quiet. Thankfully, the two kids are just getting into watching tv - and the fortunate opportunity came up to sit down with them and watch some kids tv (aka ‘quiet time’ as I have heard parents call it 😉)

As luck would have it… after a repeated array of ‘No! Don’t like it!!!’ from a list of children’s films and tv programs they chose 2015’s The Peanuts Movie…

Thankfully the kids absolutely loved it; their faces lit up, they were laughing away, transfixed by what was going on in the film - and enjoyed it so much that afterwards the youngest tyke tried to paint my dog white - so it’d be ‘a Snoopy dog’ (my dog declined the invitation to be painted - nonchalantly wishing to remain unbrushed and left alone in her own aloof Snoopy stylee).

The rest of the day was taken up by the kids getting out some some very old Snoopy jigsaws and Snoopy colouring books - the same ones as me and my sister had done when we were kids. Later there was some den/kennel building - just like Snoopy’s red kennel - which’d be soon full of all their toys, crayons and paintbrushes etc. This thankfully all resulted in the 2 tykes getting tired and needing a nap - right up until they were woken and sugared up with goodies - just before their parents came to collect them…

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed The Peanuts Movie too - and will give it a re-watch soon (without those distracting, loud, meddling, pesky lovely kids!) - and may look up some of those older cartoons myself…

So here’s to Snoopy, to Peanuts, to Charlie Brown, to Charles M. Schulz - and to family (also to sweets) 😃

(and I really hope there is another Peanuts Movie very, very soon… more babysitting is to come, if not a new Peanuts film - then hopefully they’ll enjoy some of the older Snoopy & Charlie Brown stuff too… I know I will!)

To Snoopy - thank you!



Peanuts official Website

Penuts official Twitter

Peanuts Wikipedia Page

‘The Complete Peanuts’ - Wikipedia Page

Charles M. Schulz - IMDB Page

The Peanuts Movie - IMDB Page - the 2015 film

The Peanuts Museum

The Complete Peanuts - at FantaGraphics

The Complete Peanuts - at CanonGate

The Complete Peanuts - at ComiXology

The Exemplary Narcissism of Snoopy - decent article on Snoopy - and his knockers who say ‘he ruined Peanuts’…


a few Peanuts / Snoopy / Charlie Brown Preservation Projects on the OT•com - which may be of interest…

It’s the full collection, Charlie Brown! AKA continuing the Warner Peanuts 1960s, 1970s “decade” collections

Peanuts Specials: Coca-Cola Product Placement Restorations

Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown and Race For Your Life Charlie Brown airing on HD channels - how bout a DVD preservation?

A Charlie Brown Christmas audio

Last web series/tv show seen

^ not weird at all mate…

Could you check the size of that gif in your signature please paja? - I think they are meant to be limited to 100kb in size, thanks.

The signature size rules can be found here -



Westworld season 2 starts tonight - very much looking forward to after the events of season 1 😃