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Mark's health

I haven’t seen this Ellen clip or other videos where it may be noticeable - but the man could just have had a cold or a bug - or was tired, or not feeling great?

Also, it’s worth to remembering that on some shows they have guests doing wacky stunts etc - and it’s edited around later, so if it’s not a live show that may be a reason they (anyone) would be a little out of breath.

If the man smokes so be it - it’s his life. Some of the world’s oldest people smoke - some professional athletes smoke - it’s up to them - and really is none of our business.

That said I wish him good health etc etc.

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If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

It is more difficult than many think mate - they often come back, hiding and biding their time - and also in greater numbers. Though there were seemingly too few mods on there to make a dent - let alone a difference - and it became part of the culture of those boards.

For me, there needed to be enough mods on there to try and change that culture - to effect that change.

Some the racist, sexist, homophobic posts on there were awful - only when the higher-ups at IMDB started to feel the pressure (and the brand was started to be considered as toxic) did they try and seriously address the situation… (they had infected foot - which needed some care, effort and attention - instead they chose to cut the body in two and throw away the lower half).

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The Kenobi Movie

Mark’s Down On Your Syntax said:

Production begins in 2019 according to this site called omegaunderground.

It looks as though their information comes from somebody interpreting the name and timing of an upcoming production in a Star Warsy way.

I doubt this is any more reliable than the one source TRH had earlier in the year BUT I REALLY WANT THIS TO BE TRUE!!!

Same here - though I have a feeling it’s some people trying to drive traffic to their sites. There’s been similar articles as to Boba Fett film going ahead too - articles marked with words like ‘confirmed’ - when it’s anything but…

I hope it is true 😃

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If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

DuracellEnergizer said:

I’m getting pretty sick and tired of IMDb’s software updates. The people-that-be seem dead-set on making the site as user-unfriendly as possible.

Same here - and like Wook I think there were gems of info in there - yet IMDB chose to lose it all - conveniently ignoring they too were responsible for the shitefest the message boards became in the first place.

For me, the site has nosedived after shutting down the boards too.

It wouldn’t have been that difficult to get some strict killjoy / Thought Police mods in to clean up the place… apparently 😃

Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

MalàStrana said:

oojason said:
That’s Mala’s opinion mate - and she’s welcome to it - despite seemingly, and somewhat desperately, trying to portray her opinions as some sort of fact.

Oh, dude, come on, be serious 😃 We’re on a forum where some opinions about some movies are considered facts (such as “PT = crap”, “Disney Wars = gold”) and never realy opened for debating. Dare to say that a PT entry is better than any of the new Disney movies and you’ll get a full crowd repeating you “you’re wrong, you cant’ say that, you’re mad, blablabla”.

As I said you’re welcome to any opinion - and that is welcome and encouraged. I would suggest looking deeper into other members’ opinion of the PT, and recent SW releases - you’ll find a mixed bag of differing opinions. Yet, as the title of the site is what it is - many are more fans of the OT. The ‘you’re wrong, you can’t say’ crowd aren’t as vocal these days - and usually state their reason why regardless (and will be asked to explain further, if not).

Your opinion is valued.

and yet you spent a fair bit of time in Rogue One fan edit threads on a film that in your opinion with ‘No story, no characters, no emotion, nothing (emptiness at its best)’ and ‘in a few years from now people won’t really watch R1 anymore…’ and even contributed to…

Yeah, fanediting is fun and I welcome and respect any attempt to make a bad movie something better and watchable, especially in the SW universe. Some people managed that with TPM and AOTC, so it’s possible with R1 as well. Besides I really do like most of the faneditors around here that happen to be very cool and interesting people, so if I want to contribute I believe I do whatever I want. Or is it against this forum policy ? Would it be better for you that everyone on this forum thinks this exact same thing about each SW entry (each time an “non” orthodox ranking is published the exact same members eract immediately the exact same way… every fucking time, like some kind of “Thought Police”) ? I’m wondering 'cause I can’t remember when you called Frink’s and others excessive behaviors on this matter trolling as well… (edit: hum… maybe that one time recently but that all I can remember)

In case you missed the point, it was you spend a fair bit of time in fan edit thread for a film ‘no story, no characters, no emotion, nothing (emptiness at its best)’ - and other negative opinions you have expressed towards it. Though thank you for the fan edit explanation - it seemed to me a little strange that someone who dislikes something a fair bit would spend time in threads about it - yet cool, nice one.

The ‘Thought Police’, preferring everyone be the same? Against forum policy? non orthodox ranking? Frink’s behaviours? -
What on earth are you talking about?

If you have any issues then please let one of the moderators know via PM - as you’ve always been welcome to do.

(as long as Mala doesn’t carry on repeating this across the site, or is baiting / antagonizing / trolling others with it - especially after being asked to stop doing just that - which I am sure she wouldn’t do…)

Last time I checked I was the one being trolled/provoked every f****** time and you know it, but… anyway 😉

I’ve seen members provoke you - yes, and I’ve asked them to stop - in public or via PM. I’ve also seen you do some provoking too. Yet to the point I was making - I’m sure that’s not going to continue, is it? And you can always contact a mod via PM if you this occurs again - or for any other issues/problems.

To the overall point of my post - which you seemingly missed in a rush for a post of indignation towards me in your fanediting paragraph… you are welcome to your opinion and it is valued - though try and keep this oft-repeated opinion from appearing across the board, ie AdyWan’s thread. It’s shame when their threads get sidetracked with shite like this - they contribute a lot, and are cool and interesting people, no? (that’s rhetorical - don’t feel the need to answer).


Anyway, back to Rogue One…

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Episode VIII Discussion <em>NON SPOILER THREAD</em>

adywan said:

2 days for me. that is if the damn snow starts disappearing. We’re snowed in here 😦

More importantly, is the projectionist and cinema staff snowed in?, and does the popcorn machine still work? I’m probably overthinking this - am sure the Govt have got it all in hand and have their top people working on this for Thursday’s release date…



dahmage said:

Just saw that a friend of a friend on FB is able to see it tonight because they are a member of a film critics organization… so jealous

You know what to do… find out if the film critic organisation uses photo ID, pop around your friend of a friend’s house, apologise for the laxatives you give him, disconnect his communication devices, and then steal his ID. It’s the only way…

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Ranking the Star Wars films

MalàStrana said:

ROTS is a better movie than R1 at every single level. R1 being more recent has better special effects and Edwards being a competent shooter the movie has a few well made shots. But that’s pretty much it. No story, no characters, no emotion, nothing (emptiness at its best). You’re not the first one I know to rank ROTS higher than R1 (in a few years from now people won’t really watch R1 anymore: it’s half nothing with small bits of EU and half a ROTJ remake with boring characters tha get stupid and repetitive death scenes… so really there is nothing interesting in R1 outside some “star wars porn” shots…).

and yet you spent a fair bit of time in Rogue One fan edit threads on a film that in your opinion with ‘No story, no characters, no emotion, nothing (emptiness at its best)’ and ‘in a few years from now people won’t really watch R1 anymore…’ and even contributed to…

Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

TV’s Frink said:

Why are you guys still talking about this movie when everyone knows it’s a terrible movie compared to ROTS and unlike ROTS no one will care about it in the future?

That’s Mala’s opinion mate - and she’s welcome to it - despite seemingly, and somewhat desperately, trying to portray her opinions as some sort of fact.

(as long as Mala doesn’t carry on repeating this across the site, or is baiting / antagonizing / trolling others with it - especially after being asked to stop doing just that - which I am sure she wouldn’t do…)

Random Thoughts

Handman said:

Dan Dailey looks a lot like Donald Sutherland.

Can he, and I can’t stress this importantly enough, do a good dog imitation though?

Topic - The Official Thread

Jedi Master Skywalker said:

Cobra Kai said:

Jedi Master Skywalker said:

Cobra Kai

Can you contact Mike to see if he has any news on Legacy I’m dying to one day see Legacy on signs in a theatrical rerelease in cinemas.

I don’t know Mike personally, and for whatever reason he no longer discusses the project or answers questions about it online. Before last December, Mike was fairly responsive and usually replied to direct questions, but I’ve seen numerous people ask for updates since then on the legacy site, twitter, vimeo, etc, and he simply ignores them.

To paraphrase Spock from The Wrath of Khan:
“There are two possibilities. Mike is unable to respond. Mike is unwilling to respond”.

Maybe he’s been told to stay silent about it from Disney cause they accepted it and are releasing soon after they possibly buy fox they may rerelease it in cimemas and on blu ray at one point who knows?

But anything is possible…

Indeed, which IF this is the case for which you believe, then you’ll understand why he won’t be telling you (or anyone else) - so you really don’t need his email address or contact info, so why ask for it?

In fact, if you’d read the last few pages of this thread you would have likely understood this already.

Or just gone to and found the contact info you sought earlier for yourself…

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Ranking the Star Wars films

MalàStrana said:

NeverarGreat said:

I think the last 10 minutes of Rogue One (minus the last minute) are some of the most rewatchable Star Wars yet.

Yeah 'cause it’s fun but I guess it’s a strong issue that the audience is cheering at Vader slaughtering people… (I like the scene but it’s dumb in the context of this movie; aren’t we supposed to feel empathy for the rebels ?!?).

The audience is cheering at Vader slaughtering the Rebels? Really? I thought the scene was more of helplessness for the Rebels - despite knowing what was likely going to happen to them they carried on and did the best they could - to the last - to fight for what they believed in… and in the hope they could get those plans away…

‘We’ll take the next chance, and the next, until we win, or the chances are spent’


dahmage said:

so glad i have my own opinion of Rogue One to rely on and not you guy’s.

Away with your logic and reasoning - there is no place for that in here 😉

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World Cup 2018 thread

a little early - yet only 6 months or so to go… 😉

(though yhwx will likely be pleased there is only another 209 new threads to go to reach the 5000 posts landmark 😃)

2018 World Cup Thread; football, futebol, futbol, soccer, footy etc 😃

Every four years…

This World Cup takes place between the 14th June & 15th July.

The 32 countries that qualified for the 2018 World Cup have been drawn into 8 groups of 4 teams.

Each team plays the other 3 teams in their group once (3 Group Stage games in total), and the top 2 teams from each of the 8 groups qualify to go through to the ‘Last 16’ Knockout Stage…


The ‘Last 16’ Knockout Stage, and beyond…

FIFA’s official World Cup page (and social media links) - Website : Twitter : Facebook : Youtube : Instagram

A Wikipedia page for the 2018 World Cup -

Playing Squads - tba (likely around end of May, 2018).

Venues -

Useful ‘fixtures, live scores, results, standings & info’ sites - FlashScores : LiveScore : BBC : ESPN : FoxSports

TV stations around the world covering the World Cup : Wikipedia Link & LiveSoccer Link

UK TV Coverage - (BBC & ITV)
US TV Coverage - (Fox & Telemundo)

Current odds of each country winning this World Cup (from the so-called ‘experts’) - Bookmakers’ Odds

In Dec '17: Ger 5/1, Bra 5/1, Fra 6/1, Spa 8-1, Arg 9-1, Bel 12-1, Eng 16-1, Por 28-1, Rus 40-1, Cro 40-1, Col 40/1, Uru 40-1, Den 100-1, Swi 100-1, Swe 100-1, Mex 125-1, Ser 200-1, Ice 500-1, Aus 750-1, Pan 2000-1, Sau A. 5000-1.

A Wikipedia page on the history of World Cup competitions -

A Wikipedia list of previous WC winning sides -

A Youtube channel with almost every WC goal since 1966 -

Previous World Cup threads - 2014 : 2010 : 2006

Fixtures & Results (UK dates & times):-

Thursday, 14 June
Russia v Saudi Arabia : 4pm - ITV

Friday, 15 June
Egypt v Uruguay : 1pm - BBC1
Morocco v Iran : 4pm - ITV
Portugal v Spain : 7pm - BBC1

Saturday, 16 June
France v Australia : 11am - BBC1
Argentina v Iceland : 2pm - ITV
Denmark v Peru : 5pm - BBC1
Croatia v Nigeria : 8pm - ITV

Sunday, 17 June
Costa Rica v Serbia : 1pm - ITV
Germany v Mexico : 4pm - BBC1
Brazil v Switzerland : 7pm - ITV

Monday, 18 June
Sweden v South Korea : 1pm - ITV
Belgium v Panama : 4pm - BBC1
Tunisia v England : 7pm - BBC1

Tuesday, 19 June
Colombia v Japan : 1pm - BBC1
Poland v Senegal : 4pm - ITV
Russia v Egypt : 7pm - BBC1

Wednesday, 20 June
Portugal v Morocco : 1pm - BBC1
Uruguay v Saudi Arabia : 4pm - BBC1
Iran v Spain : 7pm - ITV

Thursday, 21 June
France v Peru : 1pm - ITV
Denmark v Australia : 4pm - ITV
Argentina v Croatia : 7pm - BBC1

Friday, 22 June
Brazil v Costa Rica : 1pm - ITV
Nigeria v Iceland : 4pm - BBC1
Serbia v Switzerland : 7pm - BBC1

Saturday, 23 June
Belgium v Tunisia : 1pm - BBC1
Germany v Sweden : 4pm - ITV
South Korea v Mexico : 7pm - ITV

Sunday, 24 June
England v Panama : 1pm - BBC1
Japan v Senegal : 4pm - BBC1
Poland v Colombia : 7pm - ITV

Monday, 25 June
Saudi Arabia v Egypt : 3pm - ITV4
Uruguay v Russia : 3pm - ITV
Iran v Portugal : 7pm - BBC
Spain v Morocco : 7pm - BBC

Tuesday, 26 June
Denmark v France : 3pm - ITV
Australia v Peru : 3pm - ITV4
Nigeria v Argentina : 7pm - BBC
Croatia v Iceland : 7pm - BBC

Wednesday, 27 June
South Korea v Germany : 3pm - BBC
Mexico v Sweden : 3pm - BBC
Serbia v Brazil : 7pm - ITV
Switzerland v Costa Rica : 7pm - ITV4

Thursday, 28 June
Japan v Poland : 3pm - BBC
Colombia v Senegal : 3pm - BBC
Panama v Tunisia : 7pm - ITV4
England v Belgium : 7pm - ITV

Saturday, 30 June : Last 16
Winner Group C v Second Place Group D : 3pm - tba
Winner Group A v Second Place Group B : 7pm - tba

Sunday, 1 July : Last 16
Winner Group B v Second Place Group A : 3pm - tba
Winner Group D v Second Place Group C : 7pm - tba

Monday, 2 July : Last 16
Winner Group E v Second Place Group F : 3pm - tba
Winner Group G v Second Place Group H : 7pm - tba

Tuesday, 3 July : Last 16
Winner Group F v Second Place Group E : 3pm - tba
Winner Group H v Second Place Group G : 7pm - tba

Friday, 6 July : Quarter-Finals
QF1 v QF2 : 3pm - tba
QF5 v QF6 : 7pm - tba

Saturday, 7 July : Quarter-Finals
QF7 v QF8 : 3pm - tba
QF3 v QF4 : 7pm - tba

Tuesday, 10 July : Semi-Finals
SF1 v SF2 : 7pm - tba

Wednesday, 11 July : Semi-Finals
SF3 v SF4 : 7pm - tba

Saturday, 14 July : 3rd Place Play-Off
Loser Semi-Final 1 v Loser Semi-Final 2 : 3pm - tba

Sunday, 15 July : The World Cup Final
Winner Semi-Final 1 v Winner Semi-Final 2 : 4pm - BBC1 & ITV


or just sit back and enjoy the games 😃

Hopefully should be a cracking tournament - and headlines will be on the football - and not off the pitch…

After England get knocked out in the Group Stages, I’ll be likely routing for Iceland - fantastic achievements in footy of late, and superb rapport / togetherness with their supporters too. They are also the smallest nation to ever make it to a World Cup Finals. You?

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[fill in the blank] Just Died!

adywan said:

Mark’s Down On Your Syntax said:

Max Clifford has died at the age of 74.

It’s been disgusting how the new’s channels here have been virtually paying tribute to this asshole. quoting people saying what an amazing, nice, family man he was and brushing over why he was in prison in the first place. Hope he rots in hell.

The power of PR mate - often his brand of PR - disgusting.

Shows up some of the media for what they are too.

Random Thoughts

Mark’s Down On Your Syntax said:

This news story has nothing to do with anything but it made me chuckle.

For those too lazy to click the link:

The cold weather failed to deter one man in Bury St Edmunds who was seen just wearing the briefest of underpants and Wellington boots.

He was spotted walking past shops in the west of the town where there is a Tesco Express and various other shops.

He turned the head of one onlooker who seemed dumbstruck on what she saw walking past her.

Julie Wiseman, who owns a hair salon, said he was seen at 10.45am yesterday.

“He was wearing a little leaf print combat thong with wellie boots and he walked up Horsecroft Road. One of the girls was cutting a gentleman’s hair when she said ‘There’s a man just gone past wearing next to nothing.’

“He apparently went into the Tesco Express for a bottle of orange juice and one of the girls in there apparentley asked him if she could get him some clothes but he said ‘No, I am fine I have just been for a run.’

“We think it was the same person who was seen doing this last year.”

Ha 😃

Always amuses me when you see footy fans at the game with their tops off in freezing conditions - just why? What are they trying to do? 😃

I’d google topless football fans and post an image - though I’m fairly sure what I’m looking for wouldn’t come up in the first few pages of searches.

and those streakers who go invade the pitch at sporting events in the cold - if you’ve had one too many or lost a bet then fine - but at least do it in the summer or when it’s warm! In the cold it is not great…

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Episode VIII Discussion *SPOILER THREAD*

SilverWook said:

What could they possibly do to him? Force him to watch the Holiday Special? 😉


I’m surprised no-one has done a Fan Edit of the Holiday Special - adding in such loved characters from The Prequel Trilogy like JarJar, Dexter, Grievous, Anakin etc, and include some sabre-twirling & high ground…

(though that could be a punishment too far 😉)

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