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Fan Edits - a general Ideas, Wishlists, Requests, Proposals, and Q&A's thread...


A general thread for any ideas, suggestions, requests, proposals, wishlists - and also for any Q&A’s - that any of the fine members of may have for, or about, non-Star Wars Fan Edits.

And also a thread for just for helping each other out too…


Some useful info / links…

A Master List of Fan Edits, Preservations and Restorations - over 1700 films - a superb compilation by ^…^ - A large online database of Fan Edits (with forum) - FanEdit,org’s own Masterlist of Edits - The Internet FanEdit Database - A forum focused on home made movie restorations - and more…

Reddit’s R/FanEdits - A reddit page for Fan Edits - An independent site for providing your daily Fan Edit fix

originaltrilogy’s ‘How-To’s and Technical Discussions’ section


originaltrilogy’s Fan Edit / Preservation forum Rules and FAQ

A general yet important rule on many a Fan Edit site is… ‘Before obtaining any fan edits, you must be in ownership of the official retail release’.

Another rule is do not post direct links to Fan Edits or Preservations etc on this site. A short demo or trailer is fine.


A couple of often asked questions…

I have tried getting in contact with the author of a Fan Edit - but haven’t heard back…

Hopefully the PM you sent them was polite. It may also be the case that the Fan Edit author isn’t online every day - or even every week - and may have a ton of queries or other stuff to get through before dealing with your request - so try to be patient.

It may also be worth posting in the thread letting others know you are after an Edit - they may be able to help you. Continually posting requests or being abrupt / rude will likely see you receive less help.

Also, people may be more likely to help you out if you are an active member of the community here - you don’t have to be a fellow fan editor, technical wiz, artistic or skilled etc - just a member that has made, or is making, an effort.

Myspleen aren’t giving out invites / Can I have a Myspleen invite requests etc…

The current state of Myspleen (a private torrent site) issuing invites can be found here - link. Please read the 1st post in that thread - and also the last few pages of that thread - for clarification of what the current situation is.

No-one here is affiliated with Myspleen. We have nothing to do with Myspleen - and we cannot help you with invites or other info - so please DO NOT ASK ON THIS SITE - thank you. Myspleen does have it’s own forum here - link.

It may be worth be trying some of the public torrent sites - and some private torrent sites too if trying to find an elusive Fan Edit etc. Online search engines are useful for this.

General Info…

Fan Edit authors are responsible for the availability / distribution of their Edits - it may well be frustrating that you have found a long sought-after Edit on here (or elsewhere) - yet have no way of acquiring it, though unfortunately that is the way it is on occasion.

Send a polite PM to the author, and let it be known that you are seeking a copy by making a post in the relevant thread - after that and a bit of patience it may just come down to luck if you acquire it or not. Ranting about how unfair it all is - or what a rubbish system it is - likely won’t get you any help that may have been coming your way.

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