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The Rise of Skywalker: Untold (WIP)

sherlockpotter said:

Maybe I’ll be like Rey - suffering an abusive relationship with this story for so long that I eventually embrace it romantically. 😉 […] it just feels like a very…I dunno, unhealthy foundation for a romance. But I’m open to having my mind changed - goodness knows there’s still plenty of time for that to happen!

Rey/Ben is actually the OPPOSITE of unhealthy and toxic. It’s just been very misrepresented. Rey fell for BEN, not Kylo. She saw through Kylo, wanted to save Ben from the darkness he was lost in. But she realized at the end of TLJ that she couldn’t save him. He could only save himself. We saw awesome, healthy, NON-TOXIC-NESS on display because Rey walked away from Kylo when he wouldn’t stop being, well, Kylo, and continued to embrace the Dark Side.

She continued to want nothing to do with Kylo throughout TRoS. And when she saved his life, she let him know that she wanted to take BEN’S hand, not Kylo’s. And that was like a LIGHTBULB going off in Ben’s head. He could be loved as Ben Solo, something that he hadn’t realized. He didn’t have to be this dark, brooding bad boy, essentially. He could try and be a good guy. That is who Rey wanted, that is who she cared for… the guy who had good in him. Remember she had seen inside his head in TFA, she knew what his childhood and teenage years – where he had been manipulated and abused emotionally, mentally, and physically by Snoke. That was who she was reaching out to. The guy who, like her was looking for a place to belong.

And in the end, BEN made the choice to reject Kylo Ren and save himself, and then go and try to help save the galaxy. He made the healthy choice and it was only at that point that Rey accepted him because he had rejected Kylo Ren.

TLJ, again, set this up beautifully – which had actually started in TFA – but sigh the ball was dropped in quite a few ways in TRoS. double sigh

The Rise of Skywalker: Untold (WIP)

This sounds mostly really awesome. A few things:

I want the Rey/Ben kiss. So yeah, that doesn’t work for me. Also don’t like that Ben clearly still dies, but so much of this does sound great.

Seocond, erm: --> Four words haven’t made so little sense in a Star Wars movie since “I don’t like sand.”


That was a brilliant line (badly delivered). It was about Tatooine and all that it represented, and like he said the opposite of what Padme was. It just meant so much and was (a) a callback to his childhood as a slave, being owned by someone, and the freedom that his mother never got, and (b) foreshadowing for what was to come with Shmi’s death because “sand” was representative of Tatooine.

Ahem, sorry. Just had to get that out.

STAR WARS - EPISODE I - The Ancient Lore [V2] [IMPROVED Version]

Honestly, my main issues with TPM are:

1.) The Neimodians voices – which you are taking care of.
2.) The fact that GL chose to introduce Anakin as a child - which you can’t fix, but you are working on the character of Anakin.
3.) GL creating the age difference between him and Padme which you can’t really fix.
4.) Too much Jar-Jar, which you are fixing.
5.) The pacing issues, which I assume you’re fixing.
6.) The non-canon compliant aspect of the fact that Obi-Wan said that Yoda was his master, and then this Qui-Gonn Jinn comes out of nowhere in this film as his master.

I like that you’re introducing Dooku* earlier and making more of Darth Maul. That sounds cool.

  • I just wish you could change the name Dooku because that remains the stupidest, worse SW name ever in my opinion.
Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]

I was thinking of just going with Mando part 3: “This is the Way” for the title, I think that works for Boba (seeing as how he has Mando armor), and Cobb Vance as well (since he HAD Mando armor).

I do think the rancor rampage needs to be kept, but can TOTALLY be trimmed, as well as pretty much EVERYTHING with the mods and Free Town’s people because, uhm, they wind up doing absolutely nothing since the Rancor comes up. (Although, you may have already cut that.) Also, some of the training stuff can be trimmed, and Ahsoka basically repeats herself in conversations with Din, plus, Din just hanging around can be trimmed as well, right?

(I do like the idea of having the final scene being Mando and Grogu in the ship, though.)

Excited to see how you do this.

Star Wars Episode IX: The Last Hope (Help Wanted Finishing This Edit) (WIP)

Been reading this thread, sounds very interesting. I have two questions.

1.) You mentioned that Luke lives after TLJ. So did you do a TLJ edit? (I really loved TLJ, although I would do a few edits to that myself.) If you did, how much editing did you do?

2.) Does Ben live in this edit? It sorta sounds like he does, but I can’t really tell for sure.

Mando EP2: Search for the Jedi [V2 RELEASED]

I watched this last night and I have to say that overall, once again, smudger, you did an amazing job. I’m really just in awe of how brilliantly and seamlessly you worked 8 episodes into one movie. So, so well done. OK, I wrote my thoughts down while writing it.

  • Fantastic crawl. It was concise, clear, had enough punch and set everything up beautifully.
  • I adored how it went from the Star Wars theme to the end of that familiar SW end note after the crawl to The Mandalorian music. BRILLIANT!
  • One of the things I like about making a film from a show is that shows have longer scenes that allow characters and beats to breathe and play out (well, good shows do) and you kept that in certain spots. Like in the intro of Cobb Vance. You wisely kept that whole scene as is.
  • On the other hand, I would have cut all but the first scene with the Sand People though. The scenes with the bantha sacrifice not happening and the “negotiations” I didn’t feel were needed because we got all the information that basically happened in those scenes in the town meeting scene–and much more emotionally told. (That the Sand People had studied them for generations, and that the town people would be fighting along side them.)
  • I understand why you cut the entire Frog Lady adventure, but the random landing thrust not working really did come out of nowhere, and it really does feel like we missed something with nothing happening other than the New Republic pilots coming upon them. I don’t know… that might just be because I know what’s there. Still, the meeting with her and her husband, and then Mando dropping Grogu off to them later held so little resonance as well. So, yeah, I dunno. That’s a tricky one. I had no problem with the dripping Razorcrest in the background, it looked like it could be another ship. I just think maybe adding a few more scenes during the flight of interaction could have helped to give more resonance, I guess. I dunno.
  • The tracking device being implanted also comes out of nowhere. I mean, Mando wouldn’t just let anyone touch his ship for no reason. So I kinda wish you’d kept that part in. Or taking out that scene with the tech telling Gideon. Did we really need it? Obviously Gideon has spies everywhere. Then later when Boba mentioned that he tracked Mando that basically made it clear he could be tracked, so Gideon doing so makes perfect sense.
  • By the way…how did Mando find out that Gideon was alive?
  • As much as I loved all the stuff with Ahsoka, I agree with your cuts. They weren’t necessary for Mando/Grogu’s story. I would have just added one more tiny cut. Since you went straight from the explaining why she can’t train him scene to their last scene, I would have cut her line “I can not train him” after “you’re like a father to him” and before telling him to go to the mountain. I think based on the shots it would have worked seamlessly and not been repetitious since we just had the last scene of her explaining all of why she couldn’t train him.
  • Well, re: the above, the explanation of Mando getting the beskar staff is important, though. Hmm… I didn’t remember him getting the spear from the magistrate until he picked it up in the wreckage. I was like what? where? When he picked it up and had to rack my brains trying to figure out where that came from since it was so noticeable and remarked upon. Then I remembered, and of course, it played such a big part later in the fight.
  • I have to admit the whole section with Mayfield and that episode doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything at all. So, I got to hand it to you, it’s completely seamless which means, yup, the Mayfield stuff is completely unnecessary in the first film too. Great, great job. (ETA: Erm… more on that later.)
  • That repeat of that speech to Gideon that Mando makes verbatim is gone? That part was awesome! I’m really surprised you cut that. (And bummed.)
  • So, obviously this was IN the show but the fact that this is all in one “movie” and it’s called Search for the Jedi, it’s SO INCREDIBLY powerful when THE Jedi shows up. I got full body chills, I was grinning from ear to ear, I was more overwhelmed and excited and utterly beside myself watching every single moment with Luke taking out the Dark Troopers than when I first watched it. I was imagining that if this was in a movie how incredible powerful this would be in a theater. People would be hooting and hollaring and going wild.
  • In my opinion, I don’t think that Mando not taking his mask off beforehand works. When you told me earlier that by taking it out we get the full impact of him taking it off with Grogu I thought, ‘oh yeah, that’s true.’ The problem is that it’s not played that way on screen at all… as if Din is dealing with this huge thing of taking off his mask for the first time in front of a lot of people, breaking the code, in fact, taking his mask off doesn’t effect him at all, which makes absolutely zero sense for a guy who has made such a huge deal about it for two straight “movies.” And, of course, anyone who watched the show knows why… he already DID do that when he took his mask off the actual first time. It was hugely difficult for him, he did deal with it, and he realized what mattered was Grogu. So him taking off the mask again so Grogu could see his face was why it was emotionally resonating. That was the beat that hit this time. The first time was about Din and his issues. The second time was all about Grogu and their bond. But if you don’t see Din dealing with all of his mask/face revealing issues it leaves this gaping character hole. Which is why the Mayfield stuff kinda has to be included a bit. I wonder how much of that could be included, but trimming a bunch of the ooh! shocks, near-misses, fake-outs, etc. fat to get to the meat. Hmm…

Anyhoo, even with all the few changes I would have made, still, again, OVERALL… just wow, wow, wow. Once again you have done an outstanding job. Kudos, kudos out the ying yang!

Info: Fixing the TFA and TLJ Deleted Scenes

NeverarGreat said:

Glad y’all like it 😄

For TFA the remaining scenes that could be used in edits would be:

-Finn and the Villager (Mostly done by others, but some shots are merely cropped)
-Jakku Message (Though not sure what else could be used in edits if they save the Leia Reveal)
-The first three shots of Unkar Plutt at Maz’s Castle (The rest has unfinished CGI of course)
-Tunnel Standoff (Though it’s a legitimately bad scene with no payoff and also has a larger timecode than the other scenes)
-Finn Will Be Fine

I would absolutely love to get any of the TFA and TLJ edits that you have. (The Kylo/Falcon one looks fantastic!) I finally have what I need to start working on my TFA, TLJ, Rebels and Mandalorian edits. I’m so excited!!! These would really help!!!

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - The No Naboo Cut (Released)

poorandin said:

arabian said:

Sigh. I really wanted this to work for me, but watching this it just doesn’t. At least not for me.

Sorry you didn’t enjoy it Arbian. Thank you for taking the time to watch it and leave your thoughts. I appreciate it.

You’re welcome. And, you know, I probably wasn’t the best audience for this, LOL! I’m one of the very few who unapologetically loves AotC. I think it’s the underrated gem of the SW universe. It’s (gasp!) my favorite film of the PT and my 5th favorite SW film. (I KNOW!) So, yeah. Others will probably enjoy this in a way that I never could. 😃 Again, the editing is really good!!

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - The No Naboo Cut (Released)

Sigh. I really wanted this to work for me, but watching this it just doesn’t. At least not for me. The costumes are glaring in their difference, and the emotions, the intimacy is also glaring. It’s obvious that the scenes in Tatooine take place AFTER the library scene because of how they act. They’ve clearly already expressed their feelings for one another, admitted there is something there because of the openness with how they speak to each other. There’s a stiffness and hesitancy with which Padme treats Anakin in the library that is just not there at all in the Tatooine scene.

As for Anakin on the Dark Path, I think the fact that he’s already broken one rule (choosing to kiss Padme, and openly tell her he wants to be with her/lie about it) is what starts him on that path which leads to what happens on Tatooine.

I hope this works for others though. The editing is fantastic, I will say though. It looks utterly seamless.