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Info: Fixing the TFA and TLJ Deleted Scenes — Page 3


I believe that was Sir Ridley. I don’t think Ridley ever posts on here anymore so I don’t think it is likely we’ll get this scene.

I think Ridley’s plan was to take that behind-the-scenes shot and mask out all of the production stuff. Probably would have been a bit of work. I can’t recall the framing of that shot exactly off the top of my head though.


I think I heard that MR had purchased a decent replica of those golden dice. In case he doesn’t see these posts perhaps someone could reach out to him about filming a close up of Han’s hand hanging them to replace that one BTS shot?

Extra random thought that could be worth considering- I haven’t gotten around to watching Star Wars: Vehicle Flythroughs yet, are there any shots inside the Falcon that feature the dice? If so, it would be a great idea to splice any of them into any sequel trilogy Falcon cockpit scenes just to make that running motif a little more coherent.

My homeworld is Australia so be wary of timezones!


I just checked the flythroughs video, no dice.

I think the dice hanging shot is salvageable though, if I can find a good image of the Falcon cockpit exterior with which to replace the crew and camera. This is the closest I’ve been able to find, though it’s not perfect and is still rather distant for these purposes. It matches the blue lighting of the interior though, so that’s a bonus.

If there’s still need of a closeup to show that these are in fact dice, it would be a good thing for MR to film and could probably just use the shot from TLJ with Luke’s hand replaced with another.

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