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the beatles — Page 4


Never thought such a thing could happen while Paul and Ringo are still around. There had been rumors they didn’t want any of that unused footage to see the light of day. Let It Be hasn’t had a video release since the early 80’s. I think MTV showed it once during a Beatles weekend in the early 90’s. At least the days of insane prices for the VHS/Beta/Laserdisc are at an end.

I wish something like this could happen to many hours of documentary footage shot for The Shining and Full Metal Jacket. Moderator

Where were you in '77?


50 years ago today they released their final masterpiece. Happy ‘Abbey Road’ Day everyone.

Here Comes The Sun


And in the end,
the love you take
Is equal to the love you make.

Thanks the reminder, Ray 😃 - Come Together: Take 5 Moderator

I find that answer vague and unconvincing. Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves?
Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? And say something righteous and hopeful for a change?


Album: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band

Song: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da or Her Comes the Sun or In My Life