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kk650's Regraded Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi V3 (blanket yellow tint removed from blu-ray)


A few of you felt that the V2 regrade of The Last Jedi felt a little cold in comparison to the blu-ray so with this V3 release I have removed less yellow, giving the film a nice warmer feeling overall.

A 23GB version of the Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi V3 release which includes the Atmos 7.1 audio track from the 4K Ultra-HD blu-ray is now available at two new places where the_magicman is uploading all my releases. The old place has become unreliable so I am no longer posting any releases there. All those interested in knowing where those two new places are, send me a PM.

Here are some screencap comparisons for this release:

Blu-ray 1:

Regraded 1:

Blu-ray 2:

Regraded 2:

Blu-ray 3:

Regraded 3:

Blu-ray 4:

Regraded 4:

Blu-ray 5:

Regraded 5:

Blu-ray 6:

Regraded 6:


Nice one kk650, looking forward to seeing it 😃 Moderator

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Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here?


Thank you for the kind words guys, always appreciated! 😃


Hey KK, I know sometimes you have your own personal preferred version with your projects. Out of curiosity is V2 of V3 your preferred version ?

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hi kk, is there no 11gb version of this? my bluray arrived today and i didn’t like its colors, so decided to look for an 11gb version of this. does it exist?

you guys did it! thank you guys so much! 😄