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dealing with PAL vhs in the u.s.


I recently aquired the german vhs of earthbound(1881 burl ives film) however I it doesnt play on my vcr so I’m assuming it’s in the PAL format. How can I identify PAL compatible players? or is somebody here already equiped to for such? The goal here is to sync it to the english broadcast recordings.

Time may be of some assistance mate - very useful forums and some knowledgeable people on there.

This thread may be of some use too -

Ebay does have some players that will play both PAL and NTSC - yet they are quite expensive; it may be cost effective to get hold of a standard PAL player instead?

I’d also keep an eye out for any PAL VHS players going up on ebay or any car boot / garage sales etc.

Good luck with it 😃 Moderator

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