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VHS Boxset


Hey everyone, I am a long time reader who decided to finally make an account. I love the discussions on here and some of the crazy stuff that people find/create. I have not really checked out this section before thought so lets see how it goes 😛

I was babysitting my nephew last weekend and we watched my THX Mastered trilogy which he absolutely loved. We watched the opening scene with the rebels and Stormtroopers fighting on the ship( I pointed out the Stormtrooper who smacked his head!) over and over. My brother (his Dad) has got the prequels and the new releases but not those, so I wanted to get them an original trilogy VHS set. I would like to get the THX remastered set as that is the one I have had for years but if anyone knows of another one for sale somewhere, that would be amazing. Thanks in advance 😃

I have been searching relentlessly for the THX remastered set and finally had a bit of luck after going to a garage sale and talking with the guy there who said that he sold all of his VHS to a vintage film shop and then I found that they were posting everything online. Long story short, I traced one down on that is in great condition (no teeth marks on the box like mine. Stupid toddlers teething…) and now I am waiting until I next see my nephew to surprise him with this amazing gift. Thanks everyone.


Cool - I really hope he enjoys them 😃

I purchased the ‘Faces’ Trilogy vhs boxset not long ago on ebay - bought for pennies and is in great condition too - my nieces and nephews look at me with some bewilderment when I take out this strange looking box called a ‘tape’ and enter it into a monster of a machine called a ‘video player’ 😉 Moderator

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