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My grandfather passed away from Alzheimer's, but he was a big Star Wars Trilogy fan.  Would have been in his 80s were he still alive.

I wish that I could just wish my feelings away...but I can't.  Wishful wishing can only lead to wishes wished for in futile wishfulness, which is not what I wish to wish for. 


88' here

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@1990osu: Sorry to hear that. But you have a point.

I think there are more old Star Wars fans than we know. After all, let's say some guy was 40 when he saw Star Wars in 1977. He would be 75 today.

Myself I'm an '84, so I missed out on all three in the cinema. But I remember my father (who passed away some years ago) telling me once that his brother who is and has always been a bit of a tech-nerd said to him in 1977: "I saw this movie in the cinema called Star Wars, you have to see it! It's the best movie ever made!"


Born in '82 I didn't discover star wars until the early 90's renaissance (I had a very generic knowledge that it existed but didnt really know anything about it)

As for the 80's though, I have lots of memories. Cartoons in the eighties were AWESOME. Transformers, G.I. JOE, Thundercats, Voltron, M.A.S.K., Muppet Babies, He-man, Shera, Jem (yeah, even the girl cartoons were awesome!). It was a great time to be a kid. And I LIVED for Saturday mornings. It pains me that my (future) kids won't grow up looking forward to the incredible thing that was the Saturday morning cartoon lineup on network tv. Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies were always a highlight.

Also thinking about tv, I remember sneaking peeks at MTV at my grandparents (the only people I knew who had cable). It was a rare thing, but was consistently the most mind blowingly cool thing ever. It just oozed cool. And then I saw Michael Jackson's Thriller. Ho-ly crap. Utterly terrifying and incredibly awesome all at once. Mind blown.

I also have lots of fond memories of all the awesome toys from the eighties. Robots that did stuff (transform, combine to make bigger robots) were all the rage. Transformers and Voltron were big names. Pretty much all the cartoons were basically animated toy commercials so they all had their tie in toy lines. Oh, I had a Rambo Big Wheel.

As for tech, I vaguely remember atari, though we never owned one. Our friends down the street had a cd player, which my sister and I had no idea what the heck it was. We called the CDs "shiny records". We eventually got a Nintendo, but it was several years after its initial release (maybe even the early 90's). My dad was an engineer and he got a Hewlett Packard 286 at some point.

I also vaguely remember going to classic Disney re releases like Bambi and Pinocchio at the movie theater. I also remember seeing Song of the South air on tv before it got locked away. And 1989's Batman became an obsession of mine. I wasn't allowed to see it until it was aired in edited form on network tv but I had ALL the toys, bubble gum cards, etc. I was introduced to Batman via the Adam West reruns they aired on weekday afternoons in the 80's.

It's tough for me to separate the eighties from the early nineties b/c my childhood spanned them together.

So yeah, I was basically a child pop culture sponge, soaking up all the commercialism of my childhood. Ha!


Sorry for the bump, you guys have some great threads and projects on here.

I was born in '68 so really I grew up in the 1980’s. It was a great time - playing outside most of the year, computer games taking off, bmx bikes, Star Wars! and host of other cool, and not so cool, sci-fi films and TV. The music was pretty great too, though got a bit weird and sataurated with manufactured pop towards the end of the decade. Still some great underground scenes as well.

A shame about the 90’s though 😉

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TV’s Frink said:

It was a lot of fun being in my 50s during the 80s.

Holy shit, Frink was born in the 1930s?!!? Christ!

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