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Superman The Movie: The Final Cut (Released)


Superman The Movie: The Final Cut

Hello, I share a project in which I have worked for almost two years with a lot of effort and dedication.

Superman The Final Cut is a personal non-profit project, a project created more than a year ago to restore and digitally remaster a film that laid the foundations of its genre. With admiration and respect to the cast and crew of the film Superman The Movie.
Here are some videos where I show the process of restoring some sequences

This edition contains:

Digitally restored of some scenes from space, Krypton, and others created in those years with Chroma techniques.
Complete image restoration, color correction, ruin removal in some scenes and CGI replacement in some scenes
Includes the most outstanding scenes of the 3-hour version for television and that contribute to the plot of the movie

Superman: The Movie 4K Blu-ray Release 2018
Superman: The Movie Blu-ray Release 2017

Technical data:

  • 1080p
  • Two audio tracks, Stereo and 5.1
  • Subtitles: Spanish, French, Portuguese
  • Running time 2:56

Mail me if you are interested in this version to share it with you
Fly safe! 😎
Kathryn Ross


<Kathryn Ross>


Hi Kathryn I’m subbed to you and have been following your updates, looking forward to checking this project out, I admire the work and dedication.

Did you see you get a mention on Captain Disillusion’s latest episode?

I’ll be emailing you for links.


Hi Kathryn,
I found your project info from Booshman & subcribed… the project looks fantastic!
I love the original film as it was but it will be fascinating to see how your cut would be a new experience to view it in. I’ve been a fan of the character and the movie since childhood, it’s great to see the movie still honored in different ways decades later! Curious to see the final film!


I would love to get my hands on this project 😃


Did you create the new VFX yourself, Kathryn?

“The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.”
-Sheev Palpatine, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2005)


This is great, but it would PERFECT with Chris Reeve in place of the actor playing young Clark who doesn’t even looks younger than Reeve, or similar to him. Reeve looked young enough to pass as the teenager anyway.

Deepfake maybe? 😉
I’m still hoping someone will do that eventually.