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Suggestions for slipcover art


Hey guys! I am near the completion of my set of the despecialized OT and wanted to add slipcovers to each case so that I have the opportunity to show some great looking art on high-quality paper. But I really want the art to be consistent in the sense that it has the same structure or feel to it if that makes any sense. I’ve thought of maybe the lightsaber battles(obi wan vs Vader, Luke vs Vader, Luke vs Vader again) and significant planets(Tatooine, Hoth, Endor, maybe Yavin IV or Dagobah) where the planet is in the front of the slipcover and the saber battle in the back. I was gonna do space battles but empire doesn’t really have one. Yes it has a chase in space but it isn’t like the two death star assaults. But I can’t seem to find ones that are consistent, and if they are consistent, either they aren’t high res or there isn’t much detail in them. Anyways, would anyone happen have any links to consistent looking, AMAZING quality art for the 3 movies about any of the two possible things I suggested above? And maybe you have suggestions for other themes I could use instead. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day everyone!