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Star Wars mania in 1977 — Page 2


Was 1 when Star Wars came out, so I have no memory of anything pre-Star Wars.  Saw ESB @ age 4.  All the kids really talked about from 1980-1983 was Star Wars and to a lesser extent, video games.

I'm curious what were the kids into in 1976 before Star Wars hit and changed everything?


On this day - 27th December, 1977 - Star Wars in the UK (or some of the UK)

On this day: ‘Star Wars’ grips the UK as film premieres in 1977’:-

^ A short article - with a decent video and some cool back in the day images.


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You Brits and your love of queuing! 😉
Thank you for the post, I am enjoying reading the links.


I was 12 when it first came out and it was a great time as others here have said. For me and my friends it was a great time for Star Wars fans, nerds, science fiction and kids in general. All the way up to the time of the Special Editions, where Lucas’ attempts to change our memories and experiences with his new Special Editions, and then trying to wipe the original films from existence.

Back then in the 70’s and early 80’s Star Wars was everywhere which unlike today’s film advertising and was rare to see. It was even on the more serious TV shows that our parents and teachers watched, on the news, and often featured stories and interviews in the newspapers. It was such a cool thing to see something that all us young kids loved so much being shown that way, being talked about, and the general buzz surrounding the film.

“The other Sequels were the result of an over-anxious press. The original intention was to make three [films], and that was really the end of it. It was not until 10 years after the first [film] that I thought of doing a back story.” - George Lucas, speaking at the Premiere of ROTS in 2005


Funny how in 1977, no Star Wars fan was considered a nerd, it was normal and expected to be overly enthusiastic about watching it again, and again.


I love to occasionally look up old toy aisle photos from back then. I’m just a smidge too young to have seen it first hand (though I do remember toy aisles like this, they were just Transformers and Ninja Turtles).

Man how fun would it be to walk into a store like this today?!