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Star Wars Rebels Recut - A Fanedit TV Series



I’ve seen many attempts to edit Star Wars Rebels here, most of which take the form of Movie edits but after watching EddieDean’s Clone Wars Refocused I was inspired to create my own fanedit.

This is the first fanedit I’ve ever done, so the editing at times it not the best and I’m very much still getting used to the tools I’m using for this task. You’ll likely see an improvement in editing as the episodes go along.

My Goal with this edit is to address many of the concerns fans have had with this series. I’ve been attempting to reduce the overall “kiddyness” of the show: which has lead me to cutting much dialogue between Zeb and Ezra and some of the more out of character reactions to situations. I’m trying to tighten up the overall story and increase the pace of the show where I can.

I’ve tried to preserve character development and moments as much as practically possible. Which is an element I feel is lost overall in the movie style edits.

I’ve cut much redundant dialogue: e.g. anything repeated multiple times by different characters
Cut filler episodes: S01E03: Droids in Distress, S01E06: Breaking Ranks, S01E11: Idiot’s Array, S02E05: Wings of the Master, S02E06: Blood Sisters, S02E07: Stealth Strike, S02E12: Legends of the Lasat, S03E03: The Antilles Extraction, S03E05: The Last Battle, S03E07: Iron Squadron, S03E11: Ghosts of Geonosis Part 1, S03E12: Ghosts of Geonosis Part 2, S03E13: Warhead, S03E17: Secret Cargo, S03E18: Double Agent Droid, S04E03: In the Name of the Rebellion Part 1 and S04E04: In the Name of the Rebellion Part 2.

I’ve also added additional visual effects to Jedi Temple visions/scenes on Lothal as I believe these didn’t feel mystical enough. Along with some additional sound effects I felt were missing: a tie fighter explosion and a few gunshots.


  • All episodes have been released as V3.
  • All episodes will be released in V4 format, see here

How to watch:

If you’re at all interested in this project PM me for the download link! Any and all feedback/ideas are appreciated!

Ways to watch:

This project is currently in 1080p stereo sound with 5.1 and better visual quality in the works in V4.
There is currently two complete download options, an 1080p uncompressed raw video and a version that’s been compressed.
Two more ways to download are in progress a clean 1080p with no compression and small file size, 1080p recolor and 4K recolor.
I feel the 4K color correction version will be the best version of the edit.

Season 1:

The Ghost Crew is assembled! The threat of the Grand Inquisitor looms over Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus.

Rebels Recut - S01E01 - Spark of Rebellion - V4.4 (released: 2023-10-20)

  • V4 changes
  • V4.1 changes
  • V4.2 changes
  • V4.3 changes
  • v4.4 changes
  • V4.5 changes
  • Runtime: 41.04
  • Edit of S01E01-2: Spark of Rebellion Part 1 and 2. Expect Many dialogue and scene cuts. New intro and new credits have been added.
  • Description: The shadow of the Empire Looms over the Galaxy with it bringing tyranny to the Outer Rim world of Lothal. A mysterious boy Ezra Bridger runs into a group of Rebels. With them, he will discover what destiny has in store for him.

Rebels Recut - S01E02 - Familial Bonding - V4 (released: 2023-06-09)

  • V4 changes
  • V4.1 changes
  • Runtime: 30.29
  • Edit of S01E04: Fighter Flight and S01E07: Out of Darkness. Expect many dialogue and scene cuts. New introduction and new end credits.
  • Description: Ezra and Zeb are forced to bond as Hera sends them on a wild Meiloorun chase. Hera and Sabine are forced to trust each other as they find themselves in unforeseen circumstances.

Rebels Recut - S01E03 - Old Masters - V4 (released: 2023-06-13)

  • V4 changes
  • Runtime: 22.57
  • Edit of S01E05: Rise of the Old Masters. Not much changed as overall this episode was quite solid. A few dialogue cuts and some minor scene cuts. New intro and new end credits.
  • Description: Kanan struggles to train Ezra as the Rebels discover an old Jedi Master is being held captive in the Stittgen system.

Rebels Recut - S01E04 - Empire Day - V4 (released: 2023-06-18)

  • V4 changes
  • Runtime: 41.38
  • Edit of S01E08: Empire Day and S01E09: Gathering Forces. Again not too much cut or changed here as these episodes were quite good but expect dialogue cuts and minor scene changes. New intro and credits.
  • Description: The Ghost crew uncovers key imperial intel and must protect it at all costs.

Rebels Recut - S01E05 - Trial of the Jedi - V4.1 (released: 2023-10-18)

  • V4 changes
  • V4.1 changes
  • Runtime: 22.20
  • Edit of S01E10: Path of the Jedi. Very minor dialogue cuts for an overall awesome episode. Edits focused on modifying visual effects of the force visions inside the Temple. New intro and credits.
  • Description: Ezra must face his first test along his path to becoming a Jedi.

Rebels Recut - S01E06 - Broadcast of Hope - V4 (released: 2023-06-26)

  • V4 changes
  • Runtime: 20.39
  • Edit of S01E12: Vision of Hope. Dialogue cuts, scene cuts, new intro and new credits.
  • Description: The crew of the Ghost try to thwart an Imperial plan to capture an exiled dignitary who wants to host a secret rally on Lothal.

Rebels Recut - S01E07 - A Message to Lothal - V4 (released: 2023-06-30)

  • V4 changes
  • Runtime: 56.05
  • Edit of S01E13: Call to Action, S01E14: Rebel Resolve and S01E15: Fire Across the Galaxy. Minor Dialogue changes/cuts and minor scene cuts. New introduction and new credits
  • Description: The Ghost crew create a plan to inspire and bring hope to the people of Lothal.

Season 2:

With the loss of the Grand Inquisitor far darker and more evil threats await the Ghost crew.

Rebels Recut - S02E01 - The Siege of Lothal - V4 (released: 2023-07-09)

  • V4 changes
  • Runtime: 39.20
  • Edit of S02E01: The Siege of Lothal (1) and S02E02: The Siege of Lothal (2). Scene cuts, Minor Dialogue cuts. Cut the people of Tarkintown surviving to add more gravity to Vader ordering it burnt down. I reluctantly cut the line from Vader “perhaps Kenobi” in response to the Emperor saying Ashoka could lead to “other lost Jedi”. After the (in my opinion disappointing) Kenobi series, this line feels out of place as Vader knows Kenobi is out there and survived. This makes Rebels fit back into the canon nicer. New intro and new credits.
  • Description: The Ghost crew have left Lothal. Being apart of Phoenix Squadron the Galaxy needs them elsewhere. However, an insidious plot from the Empire draws them back.

Rebels Recut - S02E02 - Relics of the Republic - V4 (released: 2023-08-23)

  • V4 changes
  • Runtime: 36.19
  • Edit of S02E03: The Lost Commanders and S02E04: Relics of the Old Republic. Scene cuts, Dialogue cuts. Cut Rex introducing himself as captain as he was promoted to commander in TCW. New intro and new credits. Cut Joopa subplot from The Lost Commanders.
  • Description: Ahsoka sends the Rebel crew to find and recruit a war hero to their cause, however an unlikely suspect puts their mission at risk.

Rebels Recut - S02E03 - Pirates of The Horn - V4 (released: 2023-09-12)

  • V4 changes
  • Runtime: 19.45
  • Edit of S02E06: Brothers of the Broken Horn. Opening scenes cut completely, dialogue cuts. Mentions of the inquisitors cut to fit the episode better where it is in the season now. Mentions to Azmorigan knowing Ezra are cut, in this edit this is their first meeting. New Intro and Credits
  • Description: Ezra meets esteemed pirate Hondo! Here, they go on a mission as Ezra considers the offer to join Hondo’s crew.

Rebels Recut - S02E04 - Brother and Sister - V4 (released: 2023-09-13)

  • V4 changes
  • Runtime: 37.01
  • Edit of S02E05: Always Two There Are and S02E10: The Future of the Force. Opening of Always Two there are cut, cut Zeb and Chopper scenes down dramatically to keep higher tension. Cut Ahsoka finding the mother of the child alive, this now implies another death in the show. Dialogue cuts, scene cuts. New Intro and new Credits.
  • Description: On a search for abandoned medical supplies, Ezra, Zeb, Sabine, and Chopper find themselves confronted by a new enemy who are seeking out Force-sensitive children.

Rebels Recut - S02E05 - Return To Lothal - V3.3 (released: 2022-06-23)
Runtime: 39.35
Edit of S02E11: Legacy and S02E12: A Princess on Lothal. Dialogue and scene cuts as always. New introduction and new end credits.
Description: After seeing another force vision, Ezra and Kanan return to Lothal to investigate.
English Subtitles Available.

Rebels Recut - S02E06 - The Protectors - V3.2 (released: 2022-06-25)
Runtime: 23.57
Edit of S02E13: The Protector of Concord Dawn. Minor dialogue cuts, scene reworks where it would normally fade to black. Not much changed here as the episode is quite solid. New introduction and end credits.
Description: In need of new hyperspace routes due to Imperial pressure, the rebels find a shortcut but must first gain permission to use it.
English Subtitles Available.

Rebels Recut - S02E07 - The Purrgil - V3.2 (released: 2022-06-26)
Runtime: 23.04
Edit of S02E15: The Call. Minor dialogue and scene cuts. Not too much changed here. New introduction and end credits.
Description: Ezra discovers a deep connection in the force with the strange deep space creatures known as the Purrgil.
English Subtitles Available.

Rebels Recut - S02E08 - Rebels of Ryloth - V3.2 (released: 2022-06-26)
Runtime: 20.33
Edit of S02E16 Homecoming. Dialogue and scene cuts. New introduction and new end credits.
Description: The rebels contact a familiar ally who needs help to fight off the Imperial bombing attack on his planet. If they work together, the rebels might be able to find a new home.
English Subtitles Available.

Rebels Recut - S02E09 - The Honorable Ones - V3.2 (released: 2022-06-29)
Runtime: 22.13
Edit of S02E17 The Honorable Ones. Minor Dialogue cuts, scene cuts. Overall an awesome episode. One of the best in the series if you ask me! New introduction and new end credits.
Description: Zeb and Agent Kallus find themselves stranded on one of the moons of Geonosis. They will have to work together if they wish to survive.
English Subtitles Available.

Rebels Recut - S02E10 - Shroud of Darkness - V3.1 (released: 2022-06-29)
Runtime: 22.03
Edit of S02E18: Shroud of Darkness. Minor Dialogue cuts, Scene cuts, added effects in force sequences. Another strong episode! New introduction and new end credits.
Description: Only just surviving their Inquisitor encounters, Kanan and Ezra seek advice from Ashoka on how to proceed.
English Subtitles Available.

Rebels Recut - S02E11 - A New Base - V3.1 (released: 2022-06-30)
Runtime: 35.28
Edit of S02E19: The Forgotten Droid and S02E20: The Mystery of Chopper Base. Major Dialogue and Scene cuts (especially for The Forgotten Droid which is one of worst needed episodes of the show). New introduction and new end credits.
Description: As the Rebels search for a new planet to call home, an unlikely hero finds the solution but are the Rebels alone in their new found home?
English Subtitles Available.

Rebels Recut - S02E12 - Twilight of the Apprentice - V3.1 (released: 2022-07-10)
Runtime 43.10
Edit of S02E19: Twilight of the Apprentice Part 1 and S02E20: Twilight of the Apprentice Part 2. Many Minor dialogue and scene cuts. New visual effects added to the lightsaber Ezra picks up, New audio effects added to the Sith Holocron voice (so it doesn’t just sound like Asajj Ventress) and new visual effects added to Vader to change his eye color. New introduction and new end credits.
Description: On a quest for knowledge from Master Yoda, Kanan, Ezra and Ashoka make there way to Malachor.
English Subtitles Available.

Season 3:

With the Inquisitors gone, more and different threats take their place. The Rebels must defend their secret base location and overcome what challenges lay ahead.

Rebels Recut - S03E01 - Into Shadow - V3.1 (released: 2022-06-07)
Runtime: 43.10
Edit of S03E01: Steps Into Shadow Part 1 and S03E02: Steps Into Shadow Part 2. Minor dialogue and scene cuts. New audio effects added to the Sith Holocron voice (so it doesn’t just sound like Asajj Ventress). New introduction and new end credits.
Description: Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, Chopper and Hera set out to rescue Hondo Ohnaka. Meanwhile Kanan discovers an interesting ally.

Rebels Recut - S03E02 - Imperial Supercommandos - V3.1 (released: 2022-07-07)
Runtime: 23.39
Edit of S03E07: Imperial Supercommandos. Minor dialogue and scene cuts. New introduction and new end credits.
Description: Having lost contact with the Protectors of Concord Dawn, Sabine, Ezra, and Fenn Rau investigate.

Rebels Recut - S03E03 - Maul - V3 (released: 2022-07-13)
Runtime: 63.19
Edit of S03E03 Holocrons of Fate, S03E11 Visions and Voices and S03E20 Twin Suns. Minor dialogue and scene cuts. Particularly anything that mentions Thrawn as at this time in my edit our Rebels haven’t come face to face with him yet. New introduction and new end credits.
Description: When Maul takes the crew of the Ghost hostage, Ezra and Kanan must recover the ancient Sith Holocron if they hope to save them.

Rebels Recut - S03E04 - Pirates of the Storm - V3 (released: 2022-07-12)
Runtime: 21.08
Edit of S03E09: The Wynkahthu Job. Minor dialogue and scene cuts. New introduction and end credits.
Description: The rebels team with a pair of unscrupulous pirates to salvage a freighter full of weapons for the rebellion, but the mission ends up being far more dangerous than anticipated.

Rebels Recut - S03E05 - The Darksaber of Mandalore - V3 (released: 2022-07-17)
Runtime: 41.59
Edit of S03E15: Trials of the Darksaber and S03E16: Legacy of Mandalore. Minor Dialogue cuts, minor scene cuts, new introduction and new end credits.
Description: Sabine must learn to wield the ancient Mandalorian weapon the Dark Saber if she hopes to reunite Mandalore. If she can reunite her people, they would be a great asset to the Rebellion.

Rebels Recut - S03E06 - The Syndulla Kalikori - V3 (released: 2022-12-19)
Runtime: 21.27
Edit of S03E05 - Hera’s Heroes. Minor Dialogue cuts. Scene cuts focused on removing Sabine from this episode as she’s no longer with the gang at this point in my edit. New Introduction and new end credits.
Description: Grand Admiral Thrawn is putting pressure on Hera’s home on Ryloth. With the assistance of her father, she decides to personally recover a family heirloom. But Thrawn is waiting.

Rebels Recut - S03E07 - Fulcrum - V3 (released: 2022-07-17)
Runtime: 42.19
Edit of S03E10: An Inside Man and S03E17: Through Imperial Eyes. Minor Dialogue and Scene cuts. Sabine removed from the episode as she’s not apart of the Ghost crew at this time in my edit. New introduction and end credits.
Description: Having been tipped off by Fulcrum, Kanan and Ezra must infiltrate an Imperial manufacturing factory on Lothal. They must hide their tracks wisely if they want to avoid Thrawn.

Rebels Recut - S03E08 - Zero Hour - V3 (released: 2022-07-18)
Runtime: 45.02
Edit of S03E21: Zero Hour: Part One and S03E22: Zero Hour: Part Two. Minor dialogue edits and scene cuts. New introduction and new end credits.
Description: The Rebels get ready to initiate their attack on the Imperial manufacturing factory located on Lothal.

Season 4:

Reunited with the wider Rebellion the Ghost crew seeks the complete liberation of Lothal and it’s people.

Rebels Recut - S04E01 - The New Mandalore - V3 (released: 2022-07-19)
Runtime: 41.41
Edit of S04E01: Heroes of Mandalore: Part 1 and S04E02: Heroes of Mandalore: Part 2. Minor Dialogue cuts and minor scene cuts. New introduction and new end credits.
Description: Sabine leads Ezra, Kanan and an army of Mandalorians back on her home world of Mandalore. She seeks to rescue her father from Imperial captivity while further rallying the other Mandalorian clans.

Rebels Recut - S04E02 - The Tie Defender - V3 (released: 2022-07-20)
Runtime: 63.02
Edit of S04E05: The Occupation, S04E06: Flight of the Defender, S04E07: Kindred. Minor Dialogue and minor Scene Cuts. New Introduction and new end credits. References to Saw Gerrera cut (I did like his initial appearance in the show, however, it is the weakest arc from season 4, it don’t add to the overall plot of Rebels AND he makes appearances in everything! So, I don’t think we need him here anymore.)
Description: Ezra and the Ghost crew are called back to Lothal and away from Yavin IV. Here they must face the Imperial threat once more.

Rebels Recut - S04E03 - Assault on the Factory - V3 (released: 2022-07-21)
Runtime: 50.08
Edit of S04E08: Crawler Commandeers, S04E09: Rebel Assault and S04E10: Jedi Night. Most of Crawler Commandeers is cut, this episodes predominantly felt too out of place tonally for this season. Minor Dialogue and scene cuts. New introduction and new special end credits.
Description: While Sabine, Ezra, Kanan, Zeb and Ryder attempt to contact Hera on Yavin IV. Hera must plea her case to the wider rebellion as to why they must destroy the Imperial Tie Defender Factory on Lothal.

Rebels Recut - S04E04 - Wolves and a Door - V3 (released: 2022-07-22)
Runtime: 64.51
Edit of S04E11: DUME, S04E12: Wolves and a Door and S04E13: A World Between Worlds. Minor scene and dialogue cuts. New introduction and new end credits.
Description: Ezra leads the Ghost crew back to the Jedi temple on Lothal where they discover that the Empire has diabolical plans for the powerful secrets it holds.

Rebels Recut - S04E05 - Family Reunion - V3 (released: 2022-07-22)
Runtime: 63.30
Edit of S04E14: A Fool’s Hope, S04E15 and S04E16: Family Reunion – and Farewell. Minimal changes here just minor dialogue and scene cuts. New introduction and end credits.
Description: Ezra and the Ghost crew look to complete their ultimate mission: to liberate Lothal from the clutches of the Empire.

Rebels Recut - S04E06 - Farewell (Epilogue) - V3 (released: 2022-07-22)
Runtime: 4.16
Edit of S04E16: Family Reunion - and Farewell. No cuts here just the epilogue with new introduction and special end credits.
Description: Sabine reflects on the time spent after the Liberation of Lothal from the Empire and eludes to the next part of her journey.

Season 0: Tales of the Rebels

Stories from different shows that explore the timeline or context for Rebels characters.

Rebels Recut - S00E01 - Tales of the Rebels - The War on Ryloth - V3 (released: 2023-02-10)
Runtime: 20.19
Edit of S03E03: Supply Lines and S01E19: Storm over Ryloth of Star Wars The Clone Wars. Only the Cham and Master Di line is kept from Supply Lines and minor dialogue and scenes are cut. The Anakin teaching Ashoka storyline is cut from Storm over Ryloth as this is not the focus for this edit.
Description: Before the formation of the Ghost Crew, Hera Syndulla’s father Cham fought against the Separatist invasion to save his home planet of Ryloth.
This episode is skippable if you watch EddieDean’s the Clone Wars Refocused.

Rebels Recut - S00E02 - Tales of the Rebels - Liberation of Ryloth - V3 (released: 2023-02-15)
Runtime: 32.35
Edit of S01E20: Innocents of Ryloth and S01E21: Liberty on Ryloth of Star Wars The Clone Wars. B plot with the clones cut from Innocents of Ryloth to keep the focus on Kenobi’s mission and only minor dialogue and scene cuts from Libery on Ryloth.
Description: Anakin Skywalker’s feet has provided the opportunity for both General Kenobi and General Windu to commence the ground assault to free Ryloth from separatist control.
This episode is skippable if you watch EddieDean’s the Clone Wars Refocused.

Rebels Recut - S00E03 - Tales of the Rebels - Occupation of Ryloth - V3 (released: 2023-02-25)
Runtime: 47.16
Edit of S01E11: Devil’s Deal and S01E12: Rescue on Ryloth of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Minor dialogue and scene cuts to keep the focus on the Syndulla’s and the ongoing Ryloth plot. New introduction and end credits.
Description: The Republic was reorganised into the Galactic Empire. The promise of the Clones leaving Ryloth after the war has been broken and the Imperial Occupation has begun.

Rebels Recut - S00E04 - Tales of the Rebels - Dume - V3 (released: 2023-03-10)
Runtime: 37.37
Edit of S01E01: Aftermath of Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Star Wars Audio Comics: Star Wars: Kanan Full Series (Original video can be found on YouTube). Major cuts to only include the Caleb Dume parts of bad batch and to change the focus away from the batch. Major cuts and edits to make the Audio comic fit into the new canon. Cuts to the comics that don’t follow how Caleb survived order 66.
Description: “Execute Order 66.” Young Caleb Dume must do everything he can to survive in a Galaxy ready to hunt down the Jedi.

Edit Examples

Revamped Introduction Sequence

Revamped End Credits

Revamped Lothal Temple Example

AI Voice Replacement for Sith Holocron

Vader Eye Recolor

Original Versus Recolor










Want to contribute?

  • The more feedback I get the better the edit becomes! Feel free to leave any and all feedback (positive and negative) in the forum. The more input I get the better product I can create for you all!
  • I’m currently looking for suggestions for how to smooth out the transition in S01E02 at 13.30 (which bridges two episodes from Rebels)
  • If anyone can use AI to replicate Hera’s voice see here for what I attempted to implement for S01E02.

As someone who has enjoyed EddieDean’s Clone Wars and who has only seen clips of Rebels, I’m excited for this.


Progress is coming along nicely! I’m deep into season 2 now and I can feel my editing getting stronger and better with each episode! S02E07-08-09 came out nice and speedy because I didn’t need to cut much!

I’ve now updated the main post to show off some of the posters I’ve put together (mostly just adding the logo to existing works and the bottom season banner for the season posters).


Have you considered combining certain episodes? A 13 minute episode is a little silly, especially coming off the back of a 40 minute one. I don’t remember the individual plots so I don’t know how well it would work so I won’t give specific recommendations. That said, don’t be afraid to mix and match the order if there’s no plot points that reordering would mess up.


I do agree Anakin Starkiller!

I’ve been combining episodes that are in the same arc and have considered that for Fighter Flight however Rebels doesn’t tend to combine episodes too easily unless they’re apart of the same arc. In season 2 I’ve combined The Forgotten Droid and the Mystery of Chopper Base but that was a bit easier as although they’re 2 different stories they push forward the same plot point: finding a new Rebel base.

I could move it to be the beginning of another episode… however then Ezra and Zeb are suddenly friends quickly with no real explanation (the main reason I kept Fighter Flight in the first place). Given before this Zeb almost let Ezra get into imperial custody, I think it’s a needed although poorer episode.

I’ll definitely give it some further thought when I come back for my V2 of season one though! But so far my focus has been separating episodes via arc and cutting down as much bad or redundant parts as possible (hence how it got to 13 minutes in the first place). As well as adding little touch ups and small visual edits if I feel they’re necessary. E.g., Giving some added visual effects in Ezra’s Jedi trial in Path of the Jedi and the same for Kanan in Shroud of Darkness.


Looking foward to this. I don’t like Rebels and watched just the first episodes of the show, but recently I’ve wanted to watch an edit of it, since it kind of is a sequel to clone wars (I’m more interested in the ahsoka development, but if the rest is good, then I’ll give it a go).

For me it’s just so strange that we got the conclusion of the arcs of characters like Maul in a show like this, the clone wars characters looked so shoehorned in Rebels… But this is a discussion for another thread.


My edit for Twilight of the Apprentice is now released! This is probably my best edit yet. I haven’t cut much, as this episode doesn’t need too much to trim!

I’ve tried my best to remove the flying inquisitors, it’s a little clunky but it’s better then having them in!
I’ve added some lightening bolts from the old saber Ezra picks up (I felt it adds to the age and instability of the weapon before it breaks).
And I’ve modified the voice of the Sith holocron - as good as the voice is, its just Ventress from Clone Wars and I feel that doesn’t mesh too well with continuity so now it’s not recognizable as Ventress and keeps its menace.


I’ve noticed a resolution issue with Twilight of the Apprentice, I’m currently in the processes of fixing it. I’ll mark it as V1.1 once the solution has been uploaded.


After fiddling around in handbrake and removing it’s autocrop setting I have resolved the resolution error for Twilight of the Apprentice and have uploaded the fixed 1.1 version! 😃


V1.2 of Twilight of the Apprentice incoming, I noticed a few less then great transitions that needed to be fixed up which have been in this version 😃


V1.2 of Twilight of the Apprentice incoming, I noticed a few less then great transitions that needed to be fixed up which have been in this version 😃


Hey, interested in this. Could I please get a link?

Thanks in advance.


Sent the link Samuel! Hope you enjoy it! 😃


I’m pretty interested in this. Can I get links please?


Just rendering then uploading Zero Hour then my edit for season 3 will be complete! Not long now till I’ve completed season 4 and It’s back to polish up season 1! 😃


I would love to see this could I get a google drive link please and is this in Widescreen?


Does this edit remove the epilogue at the end? I’d love to have a more trimmed down version of Rebels (since I mainly just care about the stuff concerning Maul, Ahsoka, Vader, and Obi-wan), but I also want to be able to watch it during chronological viewings without a time skip at the end, so it’d be cool if you cut the epilogue out.