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Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace DVD cover Hong Kong


Hi all,
I was just wondering if anyone knew what the cover was for the Hong Kong release of The Phantom Menace on DVD. Because I want to by the Hong Kong version of The Phantom Menace on VCD and when I found it on a website, it states that it is a DVD and it looks just like the VCD cover. If so, the website I found it on, doesn’t provide any photos for the inside or back so I’m unable to identify it. Unless Hong Kong doesn’t have a DVD release? But I don’t know. Please help!

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This has some images and info of the Hong Kong release of The Phantom Menace on VCD (for comparison):-

For the China DVD release of The Phantom Menace (apparently):-


Nathan Butler’s YouTube channel also cover the subject (and similarly related releases too):-

& (on general releases of The Phantom Menace)

^ the guy is both helpful and knowledgeable - so may be able to shine some more information as to what you are looking for. Moderator

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