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Should I just get over it?......



I have very much appreciated the hard work and effort you all put into your cover designs. I’m happy to say, the the star wars blu-ray sets I am most proud of sit on my shelf with your artwork on their covers.

What I am not happy about is seeing people trying to sell the fruits of the OT community’s labor on e-bay for exorbitant sums. Forgive me if I am new to the party, but I just saw a set with an asking price of $190.

I never liked tatty-tales myself back in the day so perhaps I should just get over it?

Again, your work is so very much appreciated for an old Star Wars purist like myself.





I think I will!

and speaking of awesome covers, did you ever finish hi-res versions of yours for the community? I was definitely wanting to make a set with what you came up with.



This thread - ‘Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects’ - may be of interest too mate.

I’d report these sellers on ebay and the like - each and every one…


Cool cycle helmet by the way.

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Thanks @oojason

kind of new at this stuff still. I have reported the listing, and will continue to do so whenever I see them for sale.