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Seeking copy of "Balance Of The Force"


Hello all,

I’m trying to a quote copy of MagnoliaFan’s edit of The Phantom Menace, “Balance Of The Force” and if possible, a copy of “The Clone War”. If anyone has a copy they can send, I’ll gladly pay for the shipping /effort. Any information to aid my search would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


This thread may be of interest to you as well - and may still have info on how to get them right now:-


I think both MagnoliaFan Edits are up and available on public torrent sites.

If not, I believe they were up myspleen a while ago - if you don’t have a myspleen account, please go here and read this:-



MagnoliaFan also a did a Star Wars ‘a pre-ANH’ release, more info here:- Moderator

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