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Question regarding how to properly direct people where to find a fanedit


Hi there. Sorry to bug but I had a question.
I submitted a fanedit I made to fanedit.info, how do I properly direct people to look for the edit on that site, without violating any rules re posting links? Is it allowed for me to say “You can find the edit on fanedit.info”?
Sorry just wanted to be clear on rules and not violate. Thanks much


Yes mate - that is pretty much it. 👍

Though if you could, please link to fanedit•info instead of fanedit.info (we’d prefer no actual links to other sites of that type appearing on here site) - thank you.

Some information on what links can and can’t be posted on here can be found in the Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ thread, see ‘FAQ No. 9’.

A little patience goes a long way on this old-school Rebel base. If you are having issues finding what you are looking for, these will be of some help…

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A Project Index for Star Wars Preservations (Harmy’s Despecialized & 4K77/80/83 etc) : A Project Index for Star Wars Fan Edits (adywan & Hal 9000 etc)

… and take your time to look around this site before posting - to get a feel for this place. Don’t just lazily make yet another thread asking for projects.