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Prequel Rewrites



I was invited to post my prequel rewrites to this forum. They’re a (mostly) finished project, though I’m currently re-rewriting the first one to some degree. At (the time it was written, it was more intended to tweak the original movies rather than start from scratch, and, as such, parts of it aren’t as good as I’d like. The other two movies are built off the first one, though, and end up being pretty much not at all what their original incarnations were.)

All the scripts are here:

So, what to expect in these scripts (spoilers)?

  • Anakin is 17 years old at the start of the story. He is strong in the Force from the beginning, but makes more use of the Dark Side than most Jedi are comfortable with. Despite that, he quickly becomes important to their survival and is a heroic figure for most of the story.
  • Padme is not a queen or any kind of politician/royalty.
  • Obi-Wan has a personal storyline that examines his own faults.
  • The Trade Federation’s origin and purpose are less cartoonish. They are the central antagonists in the first script, but, as time goes on, the Trade Federation begins to evolve into the Rebellion.
  • Tied into that, the Empire comes into being in the second movie (Rise of the Empire). The central conflict of that is the Clone Wars, which continue into Revenge of the Sith. (And also involve a third group, the Separatists, who use droids with cloned organic material.)
  • The Jedi break with the Republic/Empire during the second movie when they learn what Palpatine is.
  • The clone war extends to experiments with cloning Jedi, with unpredictable results.
  • Anakin and Obi-Wan face the same crisis that leads to Anakin’s downfall. Obi-Wan himself teeters on the edge.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but I’ll answer any other questions! Hope you all enjoy.


Nice one - based on the outlines of your re-writes am looking forward to reading those when I get chance.

Cool site too btw. Moderator

I am away from the site for a while - so please send any PMs to SilverWook, Anchorhead, or Tobar - thanks.
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