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Phil Tippett's : Mad God



Official site:

Over an 18 month period, a small team, under Phil Tippett's direction, will complete a stop-motion/live-action/mixed-media creation called MAD GOD, using hands, tools, molds, clay, toys, garbage, blood, and whatever else we can get our hands on.

video interviews:

(project was successfully kickstarter funded)


Great to see Mad God finished and released - hope it does well and Phil Tippett is happy with it:-

Mad God: Stop-Motion Maestro Phil Tippett Unleashes A Look At His Film’ - Empire

‘I wouldn’t take my kids to this’: Star Wars’ Phil Tippett on his hellish animation Mad God’ - The Guardian

After 30 years, Phil Tippett’s stop-motion opus Mad God is finally complete’ - Little White Lies

Star Wars VFX Artist Phil Tippett on Premiering His ‘Mad God’ Opus and Leaving ‘Hollywood Filmmaking’ Behind’ - Variety


Phil Tippett’s MAD GOD (2021) | Teaser Trailer | Stop Motion Animation Sci-Fi Horror Feature Film’:- - 71 second video at Phil Tippett’s ‘PhilsAttic’ youtube channel. : :


BBC: In The Studio - ‘Phil Tippett: Mad God, 30 years in the making’ (30 minute interview with Phil Tippett) Moderator

I am away from the site for a while - so please send any PMs to SilverWook, Anchorhead, or Tobar - thanks.
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