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Need help sourcing a copy of A New Hope.


Hi everyone, I’ve been downloading clips from YT to test some edits, but I need a proper full length copy of ANH, preferably the newest Blu-Ray version. I own it, but my Computer doesn’t have a disk drive to rip it 😦

Does anyone have any pointers as to where to get a copy to edit?

Many thanks. MTFBWY


You can purchase the film as a ‘Digital Download’ - for / from various platforms.

Or alternatively purchase a physical copy of the film and buy (or borrow) a cheap / second hand portable or external USB blu ray player for your computer.

Good luck with it mate 👍 Moderator

I am away from the site for a while - so please send any PMs to SilverWook, Anchorhead, or Tobar - thanks.
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