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Lord Rikter Blaksvn - Jedi Beat Machine

Hi there guys!
I'll be offering a few of my remix CD's with covers and DVD keepcase - here are the discs specs

Lord RiKter Blaksvn - Jedi Beat Machine

General Information

Artist...............: Lord RiKter Blaksvn
Album................: Jedi Beat Machine
Year.................: 2001
Genre................: Space Beats
Comment..............: Word to the Spookies...
Type.................: Remix Album
Duration.............: 68.06 min
Number of Songs......: 13

Audio Format.........: CDDA/Wave
Encoder..............: Adobe Audition 1.0 PCM wave
Hz...................: 44,100
Channels.............: Stereo
Source...............: Master CD

Release Notes

Track Listing

Lord RiKter Blaksvn - Jedi Beat Machine

01 - Break yourself Fool
02 - Word to the Bookie
03 - THX intro
04 - Fox Fanfare
05 - Duel of the Fates (Blaksvn Yoda remix)
06 - Darkside (blaksvn phantom remix)
07 - DeathStarDe-Cyphered (Blaksvn remix)
08 - Imperial Attack (Blaksvn Padawan's Fear remix)
09 - Dual of the Skywalkers (Blaksvn 30hz saber hum mix)
10 - Force Commander Leviathan (Blaksvn Sith Rage remix)
11 - Darkside of the Hypersphere (Blaksvn Dark remix)
12 - Jedi Beat Machine Ver.1.0
13 - The End Titles

Word to the Spookies...


Listening Notes

- For best results use high quality Headphones (no ghetto a$$ shit)

- Some tracks may damage speakers

- Spark it if you have it

- Another fine ass Blaksvn Product

- May the Force be with you

- Word to the Spookies...

Please feel free to copy this and pass it around - BUT PLEASE DO NOT sell it as this is my remixed music.

Heres a sample track - THIS IS LOW bitrate so you can download it FAST!!

If your interested in getting a copy PLEASE EMAIL ME

PLEASE post reviews of the CD here if your interested!

FYI - I did this CD between 1999-2001 when I had it's first release


“My skill are no longer as Mad as the once were” RiK

I was fortunate to receive the CD featuring his Rikter's Jedi Beat Machine mixes a couple of weeks ago.

05 - The Dual Of The Fates - is one kick-ass full-on tune with voice samples of Yoda and Obi Wan throughout, has some great piano work and a beat unsurpassed.

06 - Darkside - a more melodic piano-based tune with samples of Yoda, Qui Gon, Obi Wan, Darth Maul and Vader throughout.

07- DeathStar Decyphered - a powerful beat-laden tune with dialogue and sound effects of the briefing session to Rebel pilots on thier plan to destroy the Death Star and later on with Tarkin boasting of the power of the Death Star all the way to Rebel's dogfight. Close your eyes and you imagine you're there...

08 - Imperial Attack - dance tune with great SW theme undercurrent gradually growing throughout. Then breaks into an Imperial March laden tune. Yoda and weird backwards Obi Wan dialogue feature...

09 - Dual Of The Skywalkers - almost like a laid-back Italian house track of the 90's - features the samples of the Luker-Vader duels.

10 - Force Commander Leviathon - chillout Imperial March tune with fine backbeat and grungy guitars. Han Solo, Vader & Tarkin samples feature.

11 - DarkSide Of The HyperSphere - a more gentle, and yet simple beat-laden track. Maul, Vade and Yoda and some weird bloke who sounds familiar - though I don't know where from, feature.

12 - Jedi Beat Machine - a sort of 'Best Of' remix version of the above tracks. Well worth a listen.

Alos on the disc is his collection of Star Wars oddities:-

The 2nd part of the disc features DiscArt, DVD Covers and Inserts - there is probably just too much stuff to choose from - I found that once I'd made a choice on what DVD covers I liked the most, 5 mins later I'd changed my mind to another set - the selection is SO vast it's untrue. ALL the covers are high quality and come in large jpeg format.

Different versions of the same covers give a near ultimate catalogue of artwork to select from - nearly all the pieces have an option of the anamorphic or letterbox (TR47) versions. There are also covers for the Special Editions, 'Five Star' versions, Cerbero's great cover work and that of Rikter himself too, as well as various others too.

Rikter also has his 'Classic Poster Inspried' sets, 'Complete Trilogy MultiCovers', the excellent 'Faces' (inspired by the Laserdisc set), covers for The Phantom Edits, as well as other rarities I've never even heard of - let alone seen.

Not only are the OT covers here, but those of the Holiday Specials, the Clone Wars series, the two Ewok films, the 'Troops' spoof, the 'Making of Star Wars', 'The Story Of Star Wars', 'Making Of A Trilogy' and the Star Wars Extras - Making Of' also feature.

For the 'Special Edition' fans there are also a selection of various covers to choose from.

For those people concerned about the amount of colour ink they have remaining in their printers, this cd features MANY differing versions of the Japanese inspired artwork (white 'InkSaver Edition') covers.

Also here are Star Wars fonts, posters and 'components' - enough info to start work on your own covers - should you feel the urge to contribute a set of your own...

Scripts of the films in various stages of development and drafts are included too - they make for a very interesting read and it's intriguing to see the different stages of development and choices made to make it to the final drafts.

The opening crawls to the OT are here too... as well as a 'lost scenes' folder (havn't yet looked at).

The only 'blemish' on the CD is that there is little in the way of DVD labels for the discs themselves - though apparently there doesn't seem to be much of a calling for such work. IIRC only Lars4MF (in my very short time here) has provided the with dvd labels (for Eps 4, 5, 6 and the Bonus Materials) - and though his work is of a very high standard, look great and are in keeping with the OT Definitive Collection it is only one set - so there isn't much in the way of a choice - at the moment... Moderator

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This comes on the Supplemental VCD too.

Saying of which, how is the version *WITH* sound coming??

Well done. I will disengage self-destruct initiative.