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Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader - animated fan-series


Episode 1 of a Kylo-centric fan series set before TFA will release sometime later this year. Just through online communication, I know some of the people working on this; they’re super nice and I know they’d appreciate this project getting more support!

It focuses on Kylo Ren as he begins a new quest and his relationship to the past; also featuring Hux, Phasma and Supreme Leader Snoke, as well as new characters such as Pijitio Colani, Kloww Securno, and Arranca Skalis (none of which, disclaimer, I know anything about yet). Hopefully some people on here will be interested.

Updates from Star Wars Editor on Instagram:
and more details from the SWE website. (Unfortunately details for release schedules are all a bit out-of-date)

To mods: I posted this in the EU section because the Dark Empire fan series thread is also here, but if there’s a more suitable place for it to go, please feel free to move it!

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