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Is there a thread on Disney+ streaming future channel on here?


Is there thread on Disney + streaming future channel on here? I cannot find so far.
Will channel be available in other countries?

I would start new thread in main star wars forum but English is not good yet.



I do not think there is a thread about this yet, mate.

There may be more news or information on the new Disney streaming channel coming at Star Wars Celebration (11th to 15th April)?

If nobody else has created one by the end of Star Wars Celebration I’ll start a thread on it for you.

Though your English is better than you give yourself credit for.


Edit: here you are, mate - in the ‘Star Wars General Discussion’ section:-

Disney+ streaming platform : Star Wars content & various info (2019 info thread)


There’s not much in there right now - though it will hopefully grow as more information and details emerge… Moderator

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