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“Into the Spider-Verse” 4K digital code for trade!


I’m pretty sure this violates the use agreement for digital codes packaged with blu-rays and should therefor probably be kept off this site given its mission and the fan edits etc.

TV’s Frink said:

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I’m actually not sure this has come up before. I do know forums like dvdtalk have a open subforum for buying/selling/trading digital codes. Ebay also allows the sale of digital copy codes, but they seem to overlook a lot of things.

I’ll consult the lads on this and get back to you. Moderator

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John_ said:

Not sure if this is the right place to post this thread (mods, feel free to move it if it’s not), but as per title, I have a 4K digital copy for “Into the Spider-Verse” that I am willing to trade, preferably for another 4K code. Shoot me a PM if you have an offer!

The moderators have had a talk on the subject of whether to allow trades for digital codes on the site… and given the forum’s somewhat unique position we don’t think we should allow it on here; ie, obtaining an official copy of content you haven’t paid for is against the Rules (or the spirit of them, anyway).

It plays a significant part of what has likely kept the lawyers away from here - and having discussions of trades / swaps or buying of these digital codes on the open forum could well likely also muddy the waters in the future as to regards our Fan Edit / Preservation Rules too.

Plus, a scenario where someone on here produces a Fan Edit that could be traced back to the Editor having used the footage to base it on - from obtaining a digital code without paying for it - doesn’t bode well…

We are aware other sites allow the buying / selling / trading of digital codes - though it is not for us on this site. Moderator

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