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Info Wanted: Return of the Jedi - "Review Copy" (PAL VHS)


According to the great website it is from 1986 (and obviously for the UK) and was a promo copy for the coming ROTJ rental tape at the time.

The review or promo copy is what they sent around to video rental shops for them to show it on loop - to help generate a bit more interest etc before it’s actual release - and the quality of tape was usually higher than the standard rental/to buy tape (even for a Betamax) to withstand the looped playing.

Star Trek used to do the same for their releases on VHS back in the day - if the shop staff didn’t know what they were doing you could easily end up buying one by mistake (I did a couple of times) and it had an annoying timebar across the bottom of the screen, so I returned it - to which the staff who knew better were very grateful for.

I don’t know if it’s worth anything - but is certainly quite rare.

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