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Info Wanted: Bobson Dugnutt / Derpston P. Derp / MovieJim ? Where are his edits?


Have you tried contacting Bobson Dugnutt on to see if he can provide you with links to his Edits?

Or may be worth sending him a PM on here? (he is also a member on here too)

Also check the Index threads on here for any mention of the editors/edits you are after too?

moviejim is also a member on here too.

Derpston P. Derp also has a youtube channel - so can be contacted there.

Good luck with it man. Moderator

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I have The Lost World: Jurassic Park - The Cretaceous Cut and Back to the Future: Greater Scott Edition PM me


Derpston P Derp and Bobson Dugnutt are one in the same, both are me but just different aliases for my seperate online stuff. Feel free to PM me for whatever edit you’d like.

MovieJim is on Reddit under the name moviejim1 and can be PMed here if you want as well as being around here somewhere.