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How to burn Hal9000 edits to Blu-ray?



I’m new to burning Blu-ray discs. I have recently attempted to burn Hal9000’s Labyrinth of Evil onto a Verbatim BD-R, but I believe I have only succeeded in making a coaster. When played in my PS4 and Sony Blu-ray player, the disc reads as blank/unreadable.

I am using tsMuxeR, ImgBurn, and an LG external Blu-ray drive. When converting the MKV to ISO, I selected the H.264 track, one DTS track, and one AC3 track.

Any ideas on what went wrong?


I’m probably wrong or my knowledge is out of date - but I don’t think a PS4 can play iso files.

Also, if Sony blu ray players are anything like Sony tvs when it comes to file support… there is a decent chance they may not play iso files too - though best check with the compatible formats your specific Sony blu ray player can handle.

I take it the disc plays on the pc just fine? Moderator

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Hal’s edits are notoriously difficult to burn to disc. It has something to do with the way his Mac encodes the video, even though it’s technically BD compliant. I’ve never been able to successfully do it myself, but apparently some have.

It’s worth asking, though - are you using his 1080p video or his 720p? If it’s the 720p, the video may not be BD compliant anyway (I don’t know if he crops the letterbox black bars so it isn’t full 1280x720 or if his encoding settings aren’t BD compliant for the 720p version).

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