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How do I extract a commentary track?


As part of my effort to put the Star Wars movies on my USB drive and sorta emulate the 2015 Blu-Ray set I want to include the George Lucas commentary tracks since I like listening to them while I’m doing other stuff and instead of ripping the entire film again I just want the commentary track and preferably in MP3 format.

Can anyone give me some advice?


I’m not very technical on issues like this mate (so hopefully someone else with far better knowledge than me will along to help you), though…

I find a big help for this type of thing mate - years ago they were a very useful resource for many of the laserdisc-based rips of the OT on here 😃 (it says for dvd - but should work for blu ray)


Handbrake is a free and simple to use program for ripping too - you can convert the file to mp3 quite easily 😃

More info here -

Handbrake -


Good luck with it mate 😃 Moderator

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