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Help looking for... The most fitting ROTJ poster?


I’ve got a bit of a difficult decision to make.
For months I’ve had both of these 60x90cm posters (about 24x35") hanging on my wall.
After some reorganising over the holidays I should be able to finally make room for a ROTJ one, my question for all you guys is, which one in particular should I get?

I’m not too familiar with all the ones out there, I chose this particular ESB one because of how closely the art style and general composition matched the SW’77 one.
I haven’t really been able to find one for Jedi I would consider similar enough to go with these other two…

Any suggestions? (if you can find more than one, it would be nice to have a couple options to pick from)



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Hiya Chase, a few options that may fit in with the other two posters…


^ the popular ‘B’ poster, by Kazuhiko Sano.


^ I’ve seen a variations on this Josh Kirby poster in ‘portrait’ format - rather than ‘landscape’ - but not many…


^ ‘Yamakatsu’ poster


^ by Michel Jouin - I’ve seen a few variations - with some of these cropped to exclude the text at the bottom.


I hope you find one you like out there. 👍

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Get the Revenge of the Jedi poster. The first two posters were used for the UK 1994 Widescreen VHS, and the Revenge poster was used for ROTJ’s 1994 UK Widescreen VHS.