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Help: looking for... The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - Original Cam Copy VHS Tape


Hi everyone,

Does everyone know if it exits the whole Empire Strikes Back as a Cam Copy? I saw an intro on youtube from this:

well, and now i have a Question to the Empire Strikes Back Cam Copy does anyone still have the whole movie? If would be any possible that he could give me the Movie? well i know that is something very rare and very Special but I Dreamed for Years to Have an Cam Copy of The Empire Strikes Back:)
Hope anyone of you can do something:)




Hi Sremrofsnart (a fan of Transformers? 😉),

As SpaceHunterM says in the comments section of the youtube video linked above (when asked ‘Is this all the footage you have? Is there more?’):-

“This is all that was taped by the news videographer”

An intriguing watch, all the same 😃

Though asking for cam copies of Star Wars content isn’t a good idea on here - please don’t ask for such content on here again.

Take the time to look around and see how this place works - and doesn’t…


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