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Heir to the Empire - animated fan film series adaptation (up on youtube)


Hello guys,

I dunno if you already saw it on YouTube (I didn’t see any thread here dedicated to it), but there’s a guy that has been doing for one year now an animated CGI movie adaptation of the Heir to the Empire.

Star Wars: Heir to the Empire - Chapter 1’:- - a 7 minute video at the DarthAngelus youtube channel

Its actually very good and professionally made. And since the guy made already did like 1/3 of the book, there’s a real chance that this project, unlike many others, will be finished in some time.
Well, the animation is well and professionally done, Rebels lvl I’d say.

I really can’t wait to see it finished cause its amazing.


I hadn’t realised they were already on Chapter 12 of this series - 😃

Kudos to DarthAngelus for doing it - and also providing ‘director commentaries’ for each Chapter, look at ‘behind the scenes’ videos, and tutorials etc, to see how it is all done… Moderator

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How has the series progressed? I only watched the first one, has it gotten better/worse?

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