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Has anyone seen 'The Jedi's Apprentice' by Cat's Prime Cuts?


Recently, I’ve seen some videos on YouTube about various edits made by Cat’s Prime Cuts for AOTC.

Has anyone seen the finished edit? If so, what do you think of it?


If you go to the teaser, the link to watch is in the description:

Theres a few interesting ideas in the edit. I don’t remember everything. It does have a new intro using TPM footage. New Jango Fett footage from video game commercial? New voice for Watto which is very nicely done. Dooku with a blue lightsaber. Anakin basically brings Padme back from the dead. New score for the ending.
I liked some of the ideas here. The new Jango footage didn’t fit in. I appreciated the effort all of it took. But imo there aren’t enough changes to the film.😉

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Just for info - there are a couple of threads about by Cathy for her intriguing AOTC edit on here:-

THE JEDI’S APPRENTICE: AOTC Edit Video-Breakdowns (Edit Released)


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Thanks for the links; I wasn’t sure if she made her thread in this forum, and there doesn’t appear to be a search bar.