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HD quality of the Star Wars 'Vintage Collection' on Disney+?


Hello everyone. I just wanted to ask how everyone felt about the video quality of the various Star Wars spinoff material that came a few weeks ago on Disney+, especially since all of them are marked as being in HD. You all usually have decent opinions so I was just curious. I’ll start:

2D Clone Wars: Looks glorious. I don’t know if it’s an upscale or if it was made at 1080p or something close. I know it was made in a 4:3 aspect ratio due to WHEN it was made and the credits being partially cut off but nothing seemed off in the actual episodes. There were maybe 1-3 shots that looked off but otherwise, it’s definitely a visual treat.

Ewok movies: only watched the “trailers” (just 2 minute snippets of the films) so far but they look very good. No idea how the scenes with visual effects look but I doubt they’re an eyesore (or, if they were, at least not plentiful due to the smaller budgets).

Ewoks cartoon: only saw parts of the last episode (not ready to commit to a whole viewing and don’t want it in my continue watching bar). The opening doesn’t look great but the episode itself looks pretty good. The colors seem really dark but they and the line work’s pretty solid.

Story of the Faithful Wookie, ie the Holiday Special cartoon: HD? Hah! HD, my plump, Centari ah… oh, I forgot, this is a family forum 😄 (cookie if you got the reference 😉 )

The Holiday Special cartoon looks ok buy it SOOOO was not remastered in HD. It looks OK, but an OK 1970s tape master, maybe had some remastering work, but nothing like the others above got.

So what do you guys think? Decent enough to cancel fan restorations or as bad or worse than the 04 original trilogy transfers?


There’s been some discussion about the quality of ‘Vintage Collection’ content in their respective individual threads - it pretty much seems from the comments that most of the releases are HD upscales - though little definite info on that.

It is a little surprising the Star Wars youtubers out there haven’t done anything (that I can find so far) on the quality of the ‘Vintage Collection’ releases on Disney+ - or compared them with previous releases on DVD or blu ray - in the case of the ‘Story of the Faithful Wookiee’.

Nothing much from the usual websites (Wired, DigitalBits, Empire, ARSTechnica, Collider, CBR, ScreenRant, Den Of Geek, io9 / Gizmodo, IGN, SlashFilm, Flickering Myth, Mashable, IndieWire, Inverse, etc) on the quality either.


As ‘Caravan Of Courage’ and ‘Battle For Endor’ were shot on film… you’d expect to see them in film quality.

The same for the ‘Star Wars: Droids’ and ‘Star Wars: Ewoks’ animated series - they were edited on film; so prints do exist.

Ditto for the animated segment of the Holiday Special - the ‘Story of the Faithful Wookiee’ was shot on film too.

2003 ‘Clone Wars’ animated series by Genndy Tartakovsky… I’ve no idea what that was shot on (the good stuff? I love it!) - though looks decent enough. A comparison with some of the recent fan-made AI upscales in 4K or HD would be interesting.


Don’t get me wrong… it is great to see all these releases available once more - with ‘Star Wars: Droids’ to arrive soon too (take that scalpers and rip-off merchants on ebay charging astronomical sums for much of the above OOP content in recent times!). Yet it does seem the ‘Vintage Collection’ label is an excuse to issue the content with the least amount of work done to them; a sort of ‘enjoy them as they were’ on their previous home releases… but simply and somewhat lazily upscaled to HD.

And far, far away from the quality of what they could, and should, be presented at…


If anyone does find some quality info / articles / videos etc out there on the quality of these releases up on Disney+ please do share in here. 👍

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