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Good place for printable blu rays?


Looking for recommendations for printable blu rays, as verbatim and amazon only sell 25pks of each size, and I’d rather not spend 150$ for a ton of extra discs I wont use. Alternatively, if any members have blank discs they wont use/want to get rid of then feel free to message me and maybe we can work something out (I’m in Canada). Thanks guys.


Are ‘Verbatim Mitsubishi 25GB 2x Speed BD-RE Blu-ray Re-Writable Disk 5 Pack - Ink-jet printable - Each disk in a jewel case’ any good for you mate?

5 pck - (CDN$ 16.81)

10 pck - (CDN$ 30.04)


‘20 Verbatim Blu Ray 25 Gb Bd-r Single Layer 6x Speed Original Spindle Printable Blueray’ at CDN$ 31.20 (for if you do find more projects to put on disc)


If you’re looking for 50gb printable discs…

5 pck - (CDN$ 37.14)

10 pck - (CDN$ 47.50) Moderator

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Thanks a bunch. I swear I looked all through amazon, but maybe I had some filter that only showed products they carried or something. Anyways, I appreciate it!