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Shazam: Origin (The Adentures Of Captain Marvel) - Billy Batson

Overview - Editing the possibly whitest bread of all serials, “The Adventures Of Captain Marvel”, must have been a labor of love for Mr. Batson. Indeed, for those familiar with this show, this was doubtless irresistible. For those unfamiliar, this was a very good Republic effort, the sort they excelled at.

Video - 1920 X 1080 AVC. The print of this is sharp, really sharp, superior to my Laserdisc. Transitions between scenes are well done. I wondered about this, since cliffhangers are notorious for “cheats”. The editor has worked through all those, hurrying from worrisome moment to reaction and follow-thru by characters.

Audio - 125 kbps, AAC 2-Channel stereo. No subs (unnecessary). The sound is reflective of 1941 Hollywood. Dialogue crystal clear, if looped it was professional. Music compressed, mayhem easily identifiable.

Narrative - The series remains bookended in Siam, near Burma. Ha ha. This Siam appears to be the Khyber Pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The terrain, the attire of the riders. The youthful audience of the 40’s would never know, and modern viewers must take this section in stride and understand. Afterward, the story plays out as the sinister Scorpion and his henchmen acquire the deadly lenses, one by one.

Enjoyment - I liked this a lot. Despite prevailing habits, serials were never meant to be binged. They are too busy, and much of the fighting grows repetitive. I watched in three 40” chunks. The plot cleverly keeps you guessing about the identity of Mr. Scorpion.

This was entertaining, and I can recommend this to families with children. It is black and white, however, and there are deaths. Not to the level of current television fare.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Revisited (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2) Anjohan

Deathly Hallows is very interesting as an adaption due to it being split into two parts. The first film is way more faithful to the book and slow-paced, while the second film is by design more action-packed, but also has many changes from the book. Some of these improve the film but others worsen the impact of the story. Looking at the runtime for the edit it’s 3.5 hours so there’s a lot that ended up on the cutting room floor, nearly 1 hour, and I was interested to see which of the two halves would have the most stuff cut. Just like Half-Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows is the most fan-edited Potter movie, but I saw things in this that I’ve never seen another Potter Edit even attempt. First off I was very impressed by the addition and integration of the deleted scenes. A few of the ones added have never been used in other fan edits and were inserted without breaking the pacing of the film. There are also some flashes of clips from the previous movies added that were flawlessly inserted.

Pretty much all of the cuts in this edit are seamless, the action scenes have some stuff removed that you would never notice unless you’ve seen the film many times before. Several moments of humor have also been removed which makes the tone more pervasively dark. It also removes a few scenes from the first half that I barely noticed was gone. I was also wondering if a certain subplot would be removed, specifically because one of the other edits also removed a similar subplot, and was pleasantly surprised to see it remain. I think it does actually improve the series to have this be removed from the earlier film in which it occurs but remain in this one because it serves a better narrative, to be here than previously. I’m being very careful not to spoil because I think the edit should be watched as blind as possible.

It was impressive how much was able to be removed from the movie and have it be seamless a lot is cut from part one but almost none of it is noticeable. There were only a few edits I don’t think worked. One of them was the transition from part 1 to part 2. It’s kind of hard to explain why, but I think it’s a mix of replacing Dobby’s death theme with A Window To The Past, and cutting out them burying him. It just removed the emotional impact for me, and I just didn’t feel as cut by the death as I usually am. The other edit that didn’t work is the removal of them first trying to get into Gringotts. They get to Diagon Alley and then we almost immediately transition into the mine cart sequence and suddenly there’s a new character we haven’t been introduced to. I understand that at 3.5 hours the movie is already long enough as it is, but that scene removal doesn’t really work and it would only be 1 or 2 extra minutes.

The only other edit I don’t quite think worked was the movement of the Harry and Dumbledore moment. I was fine with the removal of Narcissa in the forest scene, but putting the King’s Cross moment right after the school sees Harry dead just kills the pacing. The movie is building up to a crescendo and then it just stops mid-track and then when it picks up again it’s too sudden. I think the original placement is better.

Despite my complaints, this is probably the best of the Revisited edits. It’s really ambitious in what it’s trying to do and almost all of it works. That there were only 3 moments in the edit where I felt there were some poor choices shows that the positives vastly outweigh the negatives. The only other negative I have to say is that the visual quality of the edit wasn’t always the best. Specifically, in some of the really dark scenes, I noticed a lot of grain and noise in the image, although it could just be the video software I’m running on my computer. I’ll definitely download the 4k version once that’s done. I think this is probably the best edit of Deathly Hallows and while I had some issues I can’t recommend this enough.


Split Unbreakable Glass by Wraith

When I returned to fanedit forums about four years ago after being gone for several, I noticed that several of the editors that I considered to be the masters (geniuses some) of their craft had disappeared. They had moved on to another forum (no names), got banned from a forum (sometimes you have to follow rules, m.), or disappeared entirely. Sure, fanediting geniuses like Q2 and TM2YC stuck around, fortunately. And a lot of new masters arose. Much to my dismay, one of the disappeared ones was Wraith.

About three years later…Guess who returns? Wraith. With a great big bag of fanedits to share. I guess it’s obvious what he was doing for those six years. I always thought of him as a frustrated genius who didn’t always execute his ideas in a manner that would please all of his critics. Amazing ideas. I just don’t think everyone gets him.

I’ve watched so many fanedits lately, its difficult to keep up with my promises to review them. So I held off on requesting this edit. Even though I respect Wraiths edits…I didn’t really care for the movies it is derived from. I liked Unbreakable, but bought the others out of curiosity, watched them and put them in the chest. Then the edit was recommended to me by a prolific editor whose opinion I respect. And then another. And another. And another. So I checked it out.

Quite honestly, I wasn’t really prepared for this edit. I couldn’t make his description make sense. Then I watched it…the first time. My initial reaction was…WTF? So I watched it again. Same reaction. Then I pulled out the originals and watched them. I scratched my head. I wasn’t quite sure I grasped what Wraith had accomplished with this narrative structure. Then I watched the edit again. That time I was blown away. Split Unbreakable Glass is a very deep, multilayered masterpiece in narrative restructuring.

I felt a compulsion to understand what I had watched. Wraith and I began a long discourse in which I learned what was in his mind as he compiled this amazing edit. Wraith was very transparent with me. I learned so much about the creative process that goes into such a masterpiece. There were so many “how the hell did he do that?” moments that were answered. I am still amazed at things most viewers won’t even notice.

The order of scenes from the films themselves are all over the place if they are laid out the way that they appear in the edit. However, that was to fit the narrative structure of the edit. If they are played chronologically, you find many gaps. However, in the context they were placed in, the viewer fills in the gaps.

Wraith sustains the viewers attention by presenting self contained packages of information, which are very digestible, at the same time leaving an element of “I want more”…That keeps people engaged.

The edit is presented in three acts which are very thematically disciplined. Scenes are shifted into other chapters or acts to maintain that discipline in order to ensure viewer investment.

Most of Split is gone because it contained far too much of a horror element. Had it not been watered down, it would distract from the intended pacing and unbalance a very carefully planned build up. Keeping that low in emotional tone overall had the unexpected effect (on me at least) to both significantly lift the conclusion from Glass and conclude with the best ending.

Musical motifs were only cross fertilized where they served the character or emotional moments…Long takes where preseved where they were best needed rather than trimming for trimming sake.

Glass is used to frame the early scenes. Dr Staple is not a new character. There is a reason why the film opens with her. She is in the first and last shots deliberately. This edit is about The Coalition of Evil…we just don’t realize it. Having her open completely changes the first scene and Glass still frames Elijah, which is vital.

I hope enough people watch this for the revelations that can still be fleshed out, even though we think we know these movies well. Each time I watch it I learn something new.

Even though the edit seems long, its really not. There is just enough room to breathe and for the viewer to absorb and go on the journey…and the journey is what this edit is about.

I love fanedits and the creative process. I am so grateful for the many hours that Wraith spent with me to let me into his mind regarding this edit. I will treasure that memory for a long time.

This will be Wraith’s opus. Hell, it will be one for fanediting in general. It shows just how creative you can get.

The sad thing is…history has proven that far too many creative geniuses burn a fire so bright that it burns them out. Then they disappear. It’s up to us as fans to keep them encouraged with positive feedback so that they stay with us a bit longer and share their wonderful gift.

A masterpiece that must be seen by all who appreciate a good movie/fanedit/art.

Two very enthusiastic thumbs held as high as I can hold them!

Yeah, Wraith, it was a thesis!

Forever in search of that one movie experience…


For Your Eyes Only: A Fan Edit by Echo3

This is a much leaner version of For Your Eyes Only. All of the fat is cut. The darker more serious tone it always aspired to is helped by the removal of awkwardly placed comedic moments.

The biggest issue I always had with this Bond movie was the Conti score which feelt cheesy and dated. It really made the film seem cheap and inconsiquential. This version with the Barry music added turns it into a true classic. I loved most of the music choices and they were all a big improvement on the original.


oojason said:

Vultural said:

By and large, fanediting is a thankless endeavor. Many beg to view, few say thank you.

A shame to see this seemingly become more prevalent too.

Unfortunately even fewer people leave feedback, constructive criticism - suggestions for improvements, or reviews.

They simply move on and make another public request for a link - not attempting to join in with the community - or even in other discussion topics on here.

Hopefully we’ll see this either reversed or remedied - soon.

I’m seriously considering releasing my further edits only for people who gave some valuable feedback (or review) to my or others editors previous work.



Hate to say this, but you might exclude too many.
I have exchanged PMs across numerous forums, discussing the demise of reviews and / or constructive criticism.
Boiled down, writing either seems like homework, or ability has gone dormant, or fear of exposure.
When I first got active on forum boards in 2006 there were easily 10-12 movie reviewers per site.
I patterned my style after two or three individuals.
Ten years on, most surviving forums (boards are a dying breed) were down to had one or two reviewers.
For some, a review is “Awesome!! 10/10” or “Mikey Hits It Outta The Park!!” or “Sucks! -10/10”
Colorful, but lacks details.
For myself, I’d like a general idea before I DL, then give a film / edit an evening I won’t get back.
You should not limit your edits to feedback types. It ain’t gonna happen.
One of the editors (Don Kamino ? maybe) was pretty upfront with “If you see my film, I want a review.”
That attitude irritated me, so I never watched his edit. Truth to tell, it was another Star Wars thing and I was sick to death of watching one tweaked version after another. Editors, be bold!
Sorry for the wall of text. I usually try to keep a low profile on OT.


No apologies needed, Vultural (that’s not a wall of text - you should see many of my overlong meandering posts on here! 😉)

Both you and Vilgefortz are correct - it’d be a shame to exclude people from seeing your quality work, Vilgefortz. Perhaps encouraging new/low-posting members to leave reviews etc rather than excluding them? Yet certainly ask for feedback on any glitches or technical issues. Though if anyone is being entitled - or being an idiot… then exclude or ignore them, for sure (or let the site staff know).

Personally, I’d like for newer members to have made 15 or so posts on here before being able send a PM - in a bid to give them time to look around the place, see how it works and how it doesn’t. Maybe even find the ‘Welcome’, ‘Project Index & Help’ and ‘How Do I Do This?’ sections, and join in with the community here - before requesting links… though unfortunately the site software doesn’t currently allow for it.


I don’t say it nearly enough as I should… a massive thank you to the few that do post up reviews in here (and also in the project threads) - they are very much appreciated. They are not only a big asset to the site - but also to the projects themselves. 👍 Moderator

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Thirst (Raw - 2016) - Maniac

This gory, cannibalistic shocker is tightened and pushed to carnivore maximum.

Filesize = 4.5 GB. Video = 1980 X 1080p mp4. Audio = 317 kbps, 2-Channel AAC. Subtitled throughout. Hardsubs.

The gurgling narrative is boiled down to its essence of meat and ravening hunger.
Odd conflicts and personal dramas are gone from this.
Instead, Justine’s first year at vet school doesn’t mess around. She does, though.
Yet her ride is plunging down a descending roller coaster, one permanently in the twisting tunnel.
One of the surprising joys of this cut is how funny this film is.
That is Maniac’s droll gift, highlighting the gruesome humor throughout.
Much of the over the top antics are laugh out loud. (Perhaps that says more about me.)
Editors, check out opening and closing credits.
Warning! If you are new to Maniac’s edits, this is NOT the one to begin with.
And this, like others, may be an acquired taste. Ha, sorry.


Hitler: Memories Of The Past (Triumph Of The Will) - Maniac

I reviewed this several years ago at another site.
At the time, I voiced serious issues I had with the result. Insufficient subtitles.
Maniac overhauled his edit and delivers a superior second version.

Filesize = 4.32 GB. Video = 1920 X 1080p AVC. Audio = 192 kbps 2-Channel stereo AC-3. Subtitled throughout.

The image for Riefenstahl’s 1934 film is sharp, the quality for “Night And Fog” less so, and “Memory Of The Camps” runs fair to poor. This is source material so do not blame the editor.
One watches the 1934 Nuremberg rally unfold, and then the narrative shifts to the camps.
This is jarring, and well done. The blunt juxtaposition of pomp and pageantry, and atrocity. Words vs. deeds.
The speeches are now subtitled, which vastly improves the contradictions of “the coming Reich” and “what the Reich became.”
Music additions were mixed for me. I thought the opening, aerial sequences worked, and the score for the closing was haunting.
At barely an hour, this ought to be mandatory viewing.

Note: The original V1 is available at another fanedit place. Don’t get that one. Go to Maniac’s own site.


Blue Steel 44 (Blue Steel 1990) - Maniac

Rookie cop Megan interrupts a convenience store holdup, and accidentally awakens a germinating serial killer.

Filesize = 7 GB. Video = 1920 X 1080 AVC. Audio = 1536 kbps 5.1 DTS. No subs.

Straight off, this is not Megan’s story, so much as it is that of an increasingly violent exchange broker (an intense Ron Silver).
This edit is stripped to that narrative, it is extremely tight and works throughout.
Note should be made to the audio specs. The DTS is a beast.
Maniac has tweaked the gunfire which explodes from your speakers.
If you are watching this with the volume turned up, your neighbors will know.
This is an editor who continues to learn and up his game.


Home Invasion (Don’t Breath 1 and 2) - Maniac

Excellent combination of two thrillers, with perfect segue from the first one to the second.

Filesize = 11 GB. Video = 1920 X 1080 AVC. Audio = 1536 kbps 5.1 DTS. No subs.

Continuing a trend within the community, the filesize is a whopping 11 GB.
(For me, I simply can’t burn a copy which I regret.)
The first film, better, fresher, is a hardboiled caper gone to hell.
As always with this editor, DB1 is trimmed to bare essentials. Not that viewers care about the “intruders” except to see how they will be dispatched.
The second effort launches with new ward, Phoenix, who has target stamped on her head.
Baddies are more lethal and Mr. Lang absorbs enough abuse to kill an elephant.
Early on, a news alert drops the hint about a missing medico. That should have been removed.
The sound mix in both films will satisfy you and annoy your roomies. The tiniest sounds are picked up, and when it roars, brace for complaints.
That said, the dialogue in the DB2 was always murky, and is no better here. Most of the villains mumble and seem incomprehensible. This is the sound designer, loading layers of audio yet forgetting to maximize dialogue. Being a source issue, don’t blame the faneditor.
The ending felt like quitting time. The original wasn’t much better.
Maniac wisely cut Phoenix, though the bit with the dog might have been a better outro.


The Stranger (Eyes Of A Stranger) - Maniac

Excellent, concise version of a middling slasher / stalker flick.
A serial killer prowls Miami streets, primarily at night.
The police are … what police? Only a perky TV newscaster seems interested.
Especially after she hones in on a suspect.

Filesize = 7.3 GB. Video = 1920 X 1080p AVC. Audio = 1536 kbps 5.1 DTS. No subs.

The image in this is pretty good, especially during night sequences.
Slashers were never demo time for crisp imaging.
The cuts boil the narrative down to bones and pulp, omitting several superfluous characters.
To be honest, most of the characters could have been jettisoned, all served as props to push plot.
The DTS is very strong, in fact, it is better than this film deserves.
At barely an hour, this dark thriller might conclude while you have a few cans left of your sixpack.


In the Mouth of Event Horizon (In the Mouth of Madness; Event Horizon) - RollWave (2014)

Technical details: 2.9 GB, video bitrate 4000 kb/s, 1280x720 AVC, audio bitrate 448 kb/s, 5.1 channel AC-3, no subs.

I enjoyed the original, In the Mouth of Madness, which this edit is largely based upon, however I found Event Horizon to be a fairly weak film with but with great visuals and horror moments. Therefore, I was very intrigued by the idea behind this fanedit, which essentially replaces the dreams and “in-book scenes” from ItMoM with scenes from Event Horizon. The end result is remarkable. The chosen scenes flow suprisingly well within the narrative of ItMoM; the placement of these scenes was very well chosen. I won’t spoil anything here. The editing on display here is highly skillful, much more so than you get from most fanedits, as it is not simply a case of ItMoM playing for a while, then switching to Event Horizon, and then back - but rather, scenes and imagery from Event Horizon is actually edited into ItMoM so that the final product feels like a single unified work.

One very minor point, at 1hr 27, the cinema scene of Trent waking up is the original and not the Event Horizon replacement. But that only lasts for a moment.

Overall, I have been looking forward to watching this edit for a number of years, and can safely say the hype paid off. Thank you to That One Guy for sharing this, and thank you to RollWave for making such an impressive piece of work. It’s a shame he’s not around anymore as both this and The Boy Who Never Lived are very technically impressive, and I’d be fascinated to see what else he could make.