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Eurospy movie recommendations?


Any recommendations from the spy film genre during the Bond era other than Bond itself? Are there any actually good ones that are just forgotten? Here’s some specs:

  • should have a spy vibe with cool action/action pieces
  • should include cool locals and hot girls
  • most likely from 1960 to 1980
  • country of origin doesn’t matter, even better if it’s not in English but it’s great
  • not looking for purely campy, cheesy or parody films
  • basically a good Bond film or close to it but without Bond

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The Man From Uncle’ films were a pretty fun watch - though a little cheesy in some places?

The Harry Palmer films were a decent watch too - though a little more gritty than the Bond films? Moderator

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Sooooo many to choose from. Usually you have to choose between the spoofs, the knockoffs, the serious spy dramas and all the foreign films.

At the top of the heap you have the Harry Palmer films which are three serious spy dramas that have completely different styles form the other. The Ipcress File is a masterpiece and the best serious spy film of all IMO.
The two Flint films are loads of fun and essentially a witty take on the 60’s spy craze.
The 1967 Casino Royale spoof is a madcap, wtf insane production that has an overloading embarrassment of riches and you can’t take all of it in in only one viewing.

We did a spy knockoff and spoof themed episode of the Laserdisc wolfpack podcast a little while ago:

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