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Enter the Matrix Reloaded (Released)


Hi everyone, I am excited to announce that I have completed an extended cut of The Matrix Reloaded using most of the filmed footage from the video game, Enter the Matrix. This adds in the story Niobe, Ghost, and Sparks (which was a somewhat minor part in Reloaded). I think this makes the narrative of Reloaded more complete.

PM me for a link and let me know what you think 😃


Theatrical Runtime: 2hr 18min
EtMR Runtime: 2hr 40min
Resolution: 720p (Enter the Matrix scenes are SD, but some deinterlacing and deblocking has been done to make it looks better).

03:50 - Niobe and Ghost Jack in
07:47 - Last Transmission of the Osiris
10:31 - Niobe and Ghost join the meeting in the Matrix (scene of sentinels drilling to Zion moved to this scene from later in the film)
16:01 - Sparks reacting to the incoming agents, members of the meeting fleeing
17:36 - “Is the exit clean?” scene
17:46 - “72 hours” scene
19:38 - The Logos returns to Zion
20:16 - Lock and Niobe
48:33 - Lessons of the Oracle scene (this scene features the “new” oracle since Gloria Foster passed away before completing her scenes. Having the scenes play out this way seems to imply that the Oracle was able to appear to Neo as her old self one last time.)
50:24 - Lock telling Niobe to stay
01:36:20 - Jack in, find the One, jack out
01:38:45 - Off to the freeway (replaces theatrical scene of Niobe talking to Link)
01:49:28 - Added Niobe’s line “You ain’t done yet.” (reordered this sequence of shots to make room for the line).
01:50:12 - Sparks warns Ghost and Niobe before they get hit
01:50:48 - Sparks says “Oh I can’t watch this” then proceeds to stare at his monitor before the two semi trucks collide.
01:51:34 - Ghost and Niobe jack out of the Matrix, Sparks says Morpheus needs their help again.
01:52:48 - Scene of Lock in the control room (replaces the theatrical scene that gives almost the same information), Ghost and Niobe joining Morpheus, other ships getting in position, and a shot of Bane cutting his hand.
02:02:24 - Ghost and Niobe jack out of the Matrix after blowing up the power plant, see Bane about to set off the EMP
02:20:59 - Sparks says that the Nebuchadnezzar is gone, Seraph calls and tells Niobe to go to the Oracle
02:23:03 - Niobe meets with the Oracle, who tells her that Neo is alive.
02:27:01 - “Picnicking Sentinels” are coming for the Logos (this explains what happens to them in Revolutions).
02:39:56 - Added a post-credit scene of Ghost and Niobe discussing if anyone will find them.

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Hello, good sir! I’ve been waiting for this movie since I first played Enter The Matrix… I own that one and all the Matrix Films, I would love a link to see Enter the Matrix Reloaded, please. I jsut read all the added scenes, good work!


I remember those scenes from Enter the Matrix and I was always curious how they would look like in the theatrical movie (let’s say something like The Clone Wars and the Star Wars Prequels), it would be just epic to relive those old memories.

I congratulate you for reviving this saga and its extra material that were exclusive: the Atari’s video game and Animatrix.

I would like to take a look at your great work, I hope you could share your edition, which will surely be unforgettable.



Wow, long time since I’ve sat through rebloated. Yeah little rough in spots, don’t know if that’s due to creative choices or glitchy rendering. But fascinating and fun exploration of the more expanded storyline they left out of the final film. I actually understood wtf was going on as I watched it this time instead of being baffled totally. There’s real gold left in the Enter the Matrix game and it helps the story make more sense and feel more complete. Definitely very close to being the definitive way to watch rebloated. A few highlights from this particular cut for me as a fan were the events before Niobe and ghost go to save morpheus on the free way. I like how they feel like they’re part of the chase not this out of the butt last minute element, so the slow mo shoot part works as sort of nice bridge between the seperate storylines rather than gratuitous slow mo for no reason. Now it says “these guys are in deep shit.” Punctuating Niobe and Ghost’s haste to get moving. Overall Jada gets better as a character in this cut now that she’s more fleshed out. I paid more attention to her character and gave a crap about her as I watched this, which I didn’t in the least as I sat through the theatrical movies. Of course the Oracle is a difficult bit to get right since the original actress didn’t have anything to do with the game so they used the second actress. It’s a tricky thing to fix or attempt to do… Very cool extended cut to accompany the regular films, it’s kinda like Lion King and a 1/2… Don’t pass this up, it’s worth taking a look at the story from a new angle.

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Dude, defo need the link! I’ve been meaning to make this film since the game but you know…lazy
Definitely intrested in seeing someone else’s idea of what would and wouldn’t get used.


Ooh… I definitely would like to get a link to this. I used to love playing Enter the Matrix back in the day and it would be real neat to see the IRL footage intertwined with the Reloaded movie.


I’d like the link if possible. I don’t know how to PM you :p


Axi said:

I’d like the link if possible. I don’t know how to PM you :p

Hi and welcome Axi,

If you don’t know how to PM someone on here… you can always take the time to look around and make the effort to find out. 👍

These may be of some help:-

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