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Disney+ Vintage Collection Kenner Cardback Inspired Set Blu-ray Covers


Hey there Gang!

Back in the early aughts I was inspired by a DVD cover that looked like Kenner toy package. I then tried my take on a few and upload some of them in my old cover collection DVD. Now almost twenty years later I’m revisiting the concept and calling it my Vintage Kenner Collection.

The collection started with the 2003 Clone Wars and I’ve finished a few more and will update with additional D+ Vintage covers if the release more great old stuff.

I did not create the basic template and cannot recall from whence it came but credit will be given if claimed. I’m no wordsmith so pulled the description from D+. I’m not a fan of the hanging V in the Vintage logo so I fix that and made it a bit more printer friendly.

The backs are basic with no specifications so that it can be used with any Disney+ version you may make or download.

As always if you see errors - hit me up and I’ll correct it ASAP. If you have a better suggestion for the rear descriptions please feel free to share or let me know.

Enjoy and Word to the Spookies!

  • RiK


FULL SIZED (print size fits standard 12mm cases)

“My skill are no longer as Mad as the once were” RiK


Added: The story of the Faithful Wookiee Cover!

“My skill are no longer as Mad as the once were” RiK