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Despecialized SW v2.7 using Mac OS Toast


Okay, I downloaded SW 2.7 a while ago from tehparadox…that’s how long ago (RIP Paradox). As I recall I used JDownloader & downloaded 8 Rar files, then had JDownloader extract the files & it created a Star Wars Despecialized 2.7 AVCHD Folder with a BDVM file.

I remember the AVCHD rar’s ver 2.5 creating a .iso file which I used Toast to burn onto a a DL DVD & that created a BDVM & the certificate Folder. But what the heck do I do with Ver 2.7 BDVM file??? Using TOAST??? Anyone? Have a clue?

I was thinking of using Toast to burn the BDVM file with the a DVD ROM UDF setting.

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crpl_hicks said:

oojason said:

Hiya mate,

This may hopefully be of some use to you:-

I think that might work? I will give it a try on weekend! As usual, the Yoda Master shines the light.

Ha - you won’t be saying that if it doesn’t work mate 😃 Many times I have failed!

Good luck with it 😃

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