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Deadpool 2: X-Tra Dead (Released)


I’ve been working on a new Deadpool 2 edit. Instead of making use of deleted scenes, I made use of some of the promotional material, some of which was also in widescreen, which allowed for easier integration.

X-Tra Dead includes the following

-The “No Good Deed” Short as the opening scene
-Celine Dion in person performing “Ashes” (the music video has been edited to reduce the amount of film scenes)
-Cameo from Diplo, French Montana and Lil Pump
-Alternative end credits sequence using a TV spot
-Some footage lifted from “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” (not that much, just enough for an additional McAvoy cameo)

Here’s a sample utilising the Dark Phoenix footage. Password to access is fanedit.


Very much looking forward to seeing what you come up with for this mate 😃 Moderator

Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? 
Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?
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