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Coming Soon: W.T.H.I.W.W.T.U.S.O.A?


WORKING TITLE: What The HELL Is Wrong With The United States of America

PLOT: A young man from Europe searches for a special fan edit movie in an online American Fan Community but get the cold hand. Upon second thoughts he realises that it’s not his writing that makes the people of the fan base to ignore him, but simply becuase the speak a whole 'nother language. After 3 tries of commuinication with the community, he sees no other way than to try and get their attention by writing a a topic so far, bizarre and wierd.
No one could possibly ignore it. Along the movie, we’ll face, ignorant Admins, hateful communers but the best of all, someone that things he’s possibly got a change of retrieving the long lost gem he, in such a short time has become to become obsessed with. As the days goes by, light us shortly turning into darkness when the complete union of the community takes stand against this lone wolf. Within himself he do feel that there’s darker powers battling him. Non the less, he begins to prepare for the ultimate showdown with the community, only armed with words and patience from another world. Strenghten by powers of the light side he is more than confident he’ll, at any cost, aquire the long lost fan edit of “THE PREDATOR 2018”!!!

To be continued!!


Your 2nd thread in 3 days asking for the same Predator Edit - without actually posting in lorang’s Predator thread itself…

Hopefully someone may take your post above in the ‘good’ humour it was no doubt intended - or some may think you’re just insulting people on here - which I’m sure isn’t the case…?

Good luck acquiring the Edit. If you have no luck please don’t make any further new threads on it. Moderator

Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here?
And say something righteous and hopeful for a change?


W.T.H.I.N.W.W.A. (The Sequal Part. 2.1)(The Extended Re-Edited Alternate Version)

Update: Work title has changed
New Main Title: T.U.S.O.A.R.A - The United States of America Rocks Ass!

As respone to admin:

Yes!, of course! My previous text was indeed meant as a joke and was never
intended to either insult or upset my fellow forum members.
So if any of you out there were offended, then I truly apologize.
The meaning was of course to hopefully find someone willing to help me out in finding a way to
see lorang’s edit of the Predator 2018. Now, since I’ve sent him 3 PM’s over 2 weeks without
any respone to any of them (don’t know why, to be honest). I’m just not sure if he has completed this
edit or if he just does not want to share it with the public. Now, what he has edited and if he has indeed completed an edit of the Predator 2018, then it’s ofcourse up to himself, which people he want to share it with. Forum members or not. However. I wrote my previous message also to see if anyony here on the forum has indeed seen his edit?
Thous, ofcourse making me more than interested of perhaps be contacted with a info on how to see/aquire it.

Now, since as truly long time fan of the Predator series, this would really mean the world to me.
So, last but not least:

PLEASE: If you, fellow forum member read this, then please please contact me in a PM if you have any more info about lorang’s so anticipated edit (only me I guess, haha) and I’d be forever grateful!

TO MODS: Won’t post any more after this message been sent, luck or no luck.