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Boxset Booklet Ideas


I’ve decided to finally get started on my despecialized boxset using the 4K77 and 83 versions of the films and the D+80 copy of Empire. So far I have all my plans laid out for bonus features and extra materials such as the original '73 rough draft of the script, some recreations of some Topps cards, and a gallery booklet with posters/ads/BTS photographs/film stills but I really wanna put a text part in the booklet as well like the director’s note from Lucas found on the laserdisc boxset or an original review/essay in the same vein as the Criterion Collection. Any suggestions would be great to hear. Thanks 😃


It may be worth looking through some of the custom box sets made on here to see what other members came up with for theirs - as well as the various official releases down the years (both laserdisc and VHS).

There are a few ‘insert’ projects on here too (mainly for ‘chapter times’ etc - though some had additional artwork and project info on them).

Sounds an intriguing project - good luck with it - and please share some images of the box set when it is ready 👍 Moderator

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