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Blu-rays included in 4k release same transfer?


Hey, just wanted to ask, are the BD discs included in the 4k releases sourced from the same transfer as the 4k disc?

I’m asking as I’m looking for the best source for fanedits of AOTC and ROS and I don’t have 4k ripping tech.

If they are the same transfers I’d be happy to shout anyone around £10 plus postage for a Region B copy for these particular BDs of Clones and Sith.


Hi dg91, please give the Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ a read, mate.

You’ll need to own the official retail release to adhere to our rules if you are going to do a fan edit or two on here. We are not pirates - nor do we buy or sell rips of the official retail releases on here.

It may be worth checking ebay, charity / pawn shops, CEX, music magpie, and any online sales etc for a good deal on the 2020 AOTC & ROTS blu rays.

As of right now, the 2020 Skywalker Saga blu ray boxset is up on ebay UK for £39.62 - and there may also be deals for the AOTC and ROTS individually on there too (a very quick look has them available for around a £5er each).

Edit: CEX has the 2020 Skywalker Saga blu ray boxset for £35 (and when the physical shops open in the UK on the 12th April your local CEX may well be worth checking for individual discs as well).

Good luck with getting them - and for your edits too. 👍 Moderator

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Thanks for that. I’ll look into the purchase options you recommended providing they use the same transfers as the 4k releases.

It wasn’t my intention to pirate for the purpose of a fanedit. I own 4k releases of the original trilogy and pay a Disney plus subscription to view the others, sorry if parts of my original message were misread.