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Blu-ray writer brand model suggestions


Hey gang!

Okay so I’d really like to be able to watch all of the fan created discs without having to convert the audio to 5.1 and remux them to play on my TiVo. And I’ve not had a DVD player in about ten years now so it’s the time to move into the digital age!

I sold some Datsun parts and I’m about to take the plunge and trade/buy a standalone Blu-ray player and I’m going to need a internal Blu-ray writer but I’m having difficulty deciding on one but I would like to be able to burn 4k discs. Any suggestions on what brand or model number I should be after?

Thanks in advance!


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Hiya RiK, I wish I could help but I know next to nothing on 4K writers and which brands / models are worth getting etc. Sorry man.

railerswim has a quality UHD Blu-ray Authoring - Technical Discussion thread. It seems, going on that… there are software shortfalls and limitations that many of us may be unaware of.

It does seems easier to store our content on external hard drives and have Plex / kodi / media centre style setups - than work on making 4K discs and the like (plus given the cost of the 4K blank discs themselves… making coasters could be a costly exercise 😉)

I hope to be proved wrong on the above and a few people chip in some actual useful advice and info 😃 Moderator

I find that answer vague and unconvincing.
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General consensus is basically that 4K burning for playback on standalone players is not feasible at this time. Ripping 4K discs is possible though, and most 4K players should be able to play 4K MKV video files without issue (though check your player’s manual for supported video and audio formats).

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