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Are there any services for Disc and Case Insert ART printing as single copies


(Forgive me if not right section for this)

I’m curious to know if there’s a service (specifically in the UK) I’ve missed that prints custom case inserts and disc art as single copies (anywhere I’ve searched before only ever does bulk orders). Going through a service like this seems more affordable and quicker than saving up for a printer and all the other things I need. I want to be able to just have the custom made discs and art made and sent to me, then all I have to do is burn them.

Or is that not a realistic ask?


Hi ImagineEdits5 - the An Index & Help Thread for Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art… has some useful pointers and links for helping to get various artwork printed out for use - including disc art.

Also linked within the Index is a really kind offer by Captain_Danielsan, a UK member on here, who offers a superb at-cost printing service (plus postage and packing)…

Whether he is still offering this service I don’t know (especially in these coronavirus pandemic times) - but is certainly worth asking.

Your local independent print shop / printers may also be able to help you out (when they are back open) - a fair few smaller print shops do have printers which are able to print to disc - and can be great sources of info, advice and help.

The now-defunct Staples chain store used to be a good bet is you were polite with the staff (especially at quiet days/times) - maybe the same still applies for other larger print chains / office suppliers who operate a printing service?

Good luck with it mate. Moderator

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