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10th Anniversary Edition in 1987? Was anything released or done?


OK we all know what happened in 1997 with regard to Star Wars’ 20th anniversary. But I was wondering, was something released in '87 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first star wars film? I can’t remember hearing of anything being released back then. Just a thought.


I’m pretty sure that there was a poster, but thats all I know of.

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Ah, way back in '87... I was in high school and everybody was too cool to be a Star Wars fan anymore, except for me.

Although Star Wars was largely forgotten by then, even the long-running Marvel comic series had been cancelled. Nonetheless there were a few items of note for me to celebrate. The VHS tapes were re-released with a tenth anniversary trilogy commercial added (wouldn't mind seeing that again); the Trilogy was released in widescreen for the first time (!) on laserdisc (drool... they were so expensive I thought I would never own them); Blackthorne publishing picked up the license and launched a 3-D Star Wars comic set during the trilogy time period (not after ROTJ like Marvel and despite a bad 3-D gimmick it was a pretty decent book with great art, managed three issues before it went under) and Marco props produced the most authentic and realistic Star Wars props including lightsabers that actually lit up with lights and sounds (wish I could've afforded their $125 price tag back then) that have only been equalled by Master Replicas in recent years... that's all I can remember for now but I'm sure there might have been a few more, ah, good times...
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Hey TheSessler, thats a cool poster. Do you have a high-res copy I could get from you? You can email me H E R E.
Nah, thats the only Drew Struzan poster I don't have a high-res copy of.
"I don't mind if you don't like my manners. I don't like them myself. They're pretty bad. I grieve over them during the long winter evenings."
hey sessler anyway you can post a rar with the high res versions you have (maybe get them to ritker to include in his dvd cover torrent, it could fit as materials to make custom covers)...i have a fair amount of posters but they all vary in quality. It looks like most of mine are around 100k so it would be nice to have some higher quality ones. I do have the above mentioned poster in a 93k with 409 x 640 dimensions according to the info from winxp.

also whats the file size/dimensions that gets considered hi-res for a poster. ill try and go through the posters i have and identify the hi-res ones

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There was a big Lucasfilm sanctioned 10th anniversary con held in Los Angeles in May of '87. All three films were screened there. I still have my "The First Ten Years" shirt. Thinking about wearing it to ROTS in May.
Believe it or not, Spaceballs was being promoted there. Dark Helmet's costume was on display. Moderator

Where were you in '77?

I remember that a few Star Wars toys were released (or re-released, but I don't know) over here in 1987.
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A little bump - though hopefully a fun and worthwhile one; a small overview on Starlog’s 10th Anniversary Tribute (and more)…



A few more banners & posters from 1987 celebrating the 10th anniversary…


A few newspaper cuttings from 1987 celebrating the 10th anniversary…

^ all from (a useful archive for other dates too)



The ‘Starlog 10th Anniversary Tribute’ Poster - now sometimes referred to as ‘Celebration 0’…



‘Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness & Mark Hamill, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Star Wars at a dinner. 1987.’:-


Starlog issue #120 - with ‘Spectacular 10th Anniversary Tribute to George Lucas’ Star Wars’:-

^ also available to view at (also features an interview with Sebastian Shaw)



Remembering the 10th Anniversary - 2017 thread by TallGuy

^ and from that thread (posted by screams in the void)


Starlog Salutes Star Wars 1987’:- - a 5 minute video at the Star Wars Obsessed youtube channel.


Star Wars Feature - Today Show 1987’:- - a 6 minute video at the belkinfan youtube channel


Skywalking Through Neverland BONUS CONTENT: C-3P0 and R2-D2 at Star Wars 10th Anniversary Convention’:- - a 3 minute video at the Skywalking Through Neverland youtube channel.


Skywalking Through Neverland BONUS CONTENT: Darth Vader at Star Wars 10th Anniversary Convention’:- - a 9 minute video at the Skywalking Through Neverland youtube channel.


'Peter Mayhew Q & A At Star Wars Celebration 0 In 1987:- - a 34 minute video at the Skywalking Through Neverland youtube channel.


1987 George Lucas Q & A at Star Wars Celebration 0 - Starlog Convention’:- - a 101 minute video at the Skywalking Through Neverland youtube channel.


10th Anniversary Star Wars Trilogy CBS FOX Home Video Promo 1987’:- - a 3 minute video at the Jakob Wallace youtube channel



Seems there was some merchandise available celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Star Wars too…

^ some 40+ items listed - such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, badges, coins, plates, stationery etc - all with images)

a few images from the above link…

and also this ‘larger logo’ t-shirt…



The Original Trilogy on VHS was available too - with ‘10 Years’ anniversary sticker - and accompanying leaflet - only $30 each…

^ an abridged image taken from



The ‘Star Wars Trilogy 10th Anniversary Omnibus Edition’ book…

^ More info here -



The 10th Anniversary Star Wars 3D comics (with glasses) - from Blackthorne…

^ Wookieepedia page on the comics

a 2014 review (& info) -



A few articles for the 10th anniversary…

‘Celebration 0 - The Star Wars 10th Anniversary Convention’ (part 1) - at StarWars•com

‘Celebration 0’ - Here’s George Lucas (part 2) - at StarWars•com

‘PC Collectables Booth 1050’ - a few photos from the 10th anniversary event (+ other interesting pics)

Wookieepedia page for ‘Starlog Salutes Star Wars’ - 10th anniversary event

Star Wars 10th Anniversary Tribute Page - at Facebook (with many images)

The Starlog Project: Starlog #120, July 1987 - at the weimarworld blog

Star Wars Trilogy - 10th Anniversary VHS (CBS Fox, 1987) - at The Sphinx blog

The ‘Lucas Fan Club’ Magazine #1 also featured information & articles on Starlog’s 10th Anniversary Tribute - at Wookieepedia Moderator

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