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Tribute to the original Marvel Star Wars comic series


I realized I posted this link to the wrong thread yesterday , pretty presumptuous of me to call my own work awesome , I will let others decide it’s merits . Anyway ,As my Avatar shows , I am a huge fan of the original Marvel Star Wars comic series which ran from the late 70’s to the mid 80’s. I have been creating digital fan art tribute covers for them in my spare time . I could not figure out how to upload images to these threads so I am posting a link to an online gallery of them Which I just created …hope you enjoy and feedback is welcome . Thank You…


Very cool - I like those quite a bit, nice one 😃


If you’d like to post the pics up on here then you can try the following…


^ instead of the ‘{}’ above, put these two [] in their place - and the image will appear 😃

Like so:-


or try this handy guide:- (and scroll down to ‘Images’ on the right hand side column)

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Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Dig how beautiful it is on here? & Say something righteous & hopeful for a change?


Vey cool. I too am a fan of that series, and I recognised the covers you were paying tribute to immediately! Nice work!
The initial post-'77 series with Goodwin and Infantino was great fun in the sense that it looked and felt like a typical Marvel mag. Luke looked like Thor in the corner symbol, and the books had that great superhero vibe.
The post-Empire stuff was incredible, particularly from #49 onwards. The writing was so good that this is one of the reasons I found ROTJ to be disappointing.
Cool artwork - thanks for the trip down memory lane!


@ Shopping Maul …thank you . I thought the post Empire issues were fantastic and agree the writing was top notch , the writers guessed a lot of plot points before ROTJ came out like the Tarkin superweapon which was meant to be a second Death Star , a forest planet with speeder bike like vehicles , small furry bipedal aliens etc . Glad you enjoyed the artwork .

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