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New member asking for help with the Despecialized editions.


Hello all,

I’ve read a lot about the Star Wars Despecialized editions and spent time reading through the forums before finally downloading the files for the films.

My intention was to watch them on my network player from a USB stick (as I only have a DVD burner as opposed to a Blu Ray burner) I thought this would provide the best resolution for playback. Unfortunately, despite following the instructions and having no problem in downloading or extracting the files, I can not find a way to play back the files successfully from the flash drive. Over the last 10 days I have tried to convert the files to all of the formats that my network player will understand and the closest I have come to viewing any of the films is in .AVI, but I can only convert 1 hour and ten minutes of each film?! It’s driving me to despair and making me curse George Lucas for having never released the original versions of each film, but I digress…

I have seen copies of the Despecialized editions for sale, but I understand that anyone making money from the work jeopardises the entire project and I don’t want to contribute to its demise.

Would anyone be willing to burn copies of the films to Blu Ray for me? I would happily provide the blank disks and pay for postage, I live in England.

I own all versions of the films that have been released over the yeas, but I always return to the GOUT versions when I want to watch any of the Star Wars films. I would just like to enjoy the films in their original, unedited way and in the best format possible and would appreciate any help in doing so.

Thank you.


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Hi Peter, I downloaded the Despecialized Editions, copied them and then changed them to an .mp4 format to be able to watch them via a google chromecast from my pc to tv.

I used Handbrake to convert the file formats - it is free & quite easy to use - and can be downloaded from here:-

May be worth a go?

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Hey, thank you for the reply, I downloaded handbrake last night and was going to give it a go today, in the meantime I’ve received a PM regrading the BluRays, so I now have a couple of options. 😃

Professor of Archaeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it… obtainer of rare antiquities.

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